We Are NethServer - Community Overview - Sep 18

A lot of things happened over the last months, I guess that it would be useful for many of us have a sort of Editor’s Picks. Let me know if I’m right :smile:

I’m used to writing a recap for those who can’t follow everything happening on Community, it would be a briefly digest about new stuff, some statistics on community and project healthy, members efforts and top discussions. :spiral_notepad:

News and Announcements

New feature discussions

Last updates


Development and bugs

HowTo, Docs and Tutorial

Community Discussions


Who’s talking about NethServer?


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Just wondering if it is another step towards a complete community-driven project!
Just 1 of the Nethesis Team in the first 6 places.
Compare that to this one on Feb 17

Thanks to all of you


You mean that you Nethesis guys were having vacation while we, simple community members, ‘defended the fort’ :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s over a quarter so I think it’s more than that