NethServer at Nethesis Partner Meeting 2018

Once again I’m super excited to announce NethServer presence at Nethesis Partner Meeting, the annual conference where Nethesis is used to present products based on NethServer Enterprise.

The event will be held on Oct 19th in Riccione, Italy

  • We’ll have a booth where I’ll bring NethServer swag and stuff to make the booth look nice, so we have a place to gather and meet potential new members or familiar faces.

I hope that some members will oversee the booth with me and other Nethserver guys.

If you want to attend, please drop a line to me!
I’m sorry, but official language for the event is Italian, it would be hard to attend for not Italian folks

I count on all of you to bring a smile and a few minutes to discuss NethServer!!!

Regarding the Nethserver Conference that we organized in Italy last year, I have another proposal.