WebTop 5 - New update release 5.2.3

The WebTop development team has just released a new update release: 5.2.3
(thanks to the Webtop Team particularly: @gabriele_bulfon, @matteo.albinola and @Amygos)

From this release you will find also published the administrator’s manual like any good open source project: https://www.sonicle.com/docs/webtop5/

In the release notes you will also find all the references of the features and bug fixes.
In particular, with this release all issues related to those development versions 5.2.0 + 5.2.2 are included.

Top New Feature:

  • WebTop DAV Server implementation through SabreDAV. See documentation here



  • Completed implementation of What’s New framework, showing changes for the user upon version upgrades and allowing to browse all history:

  • New recursive rule based calendar recurrences and new full featured GUI


Other features:

  1. Contacts feature one click on email column to start mail composition
  2. Domain users are automatically added as a “webtop” contacts source when suggesting recipients
  3. A new action on the email tree context menu allows to upload an eml file to the right-clicked folder
  4. Mail now features a breadcrumb on top of the messages grid for quick folders navigation
  5. Invitation requests are now rendered only with WebTop internal management UI, any attached html part is ignored to avoid confusion
  6. On Cloud, a new “refresh” action allows to reload folders and files
  7. Firefox now correctly remembers successful login names

Bug fix:

  1. Creating new emails, images attached with spaces in the name are not displayed
  2. The partial search in the phonebook in the mail composition does not work
  3. New folders on google drive do not appear on the app
  4. Scheduled emails are no more processed
  5. Mails with wrong attachments names may have spaces at the end, causing problems
  6. Fix infinite grid bug on Chrome while paging up
  7. HTMLEditor bullet/numbered list fix by change on TinyMCE editor mode and styles
  8. Workaround a Chrome bug while downloading links of filenames containing a comma
  9. Fix bug attaching two times the same filename via cloud
  10. Can not use the action marks as seen in the filters
  11. Subject is not saved during send for later suggestions

To install and update directly use the Software Center or alternatively:

yum clean all && yum update nethserver-webtop5 webtop5 (to update)

yum clean all && yum install @nethserver-webtop5-groupware (to install)

Reference issue: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5516


Hi Luca Gasparini,

Since the update, the form for new calendar entries looks a bit strange.
See the picture.



Seems to be an error with German and Spanish language, English and Italian looks okay, maybe just not translated yet.


Hi Markus,

you are right. I changed to english language and it looks good. Thank you.



I think there is a typo?

recerrence recurrence

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Where? Can you be more specific?

Yes! The @translations_team might help

Hi, please check our transifex project to help us translate missing texts in german, we will receive your pull reuqests and bring them into the project

@lucag thanks for the effort team webtop.

Il be abit honest, I like testing and tinkering with new software solutions on my spare time.
this helps me identify the best use case for each of the solution.

So far I have installed webtop5 more than 4 times, I try to figure things out, I like some implementations and some things, but mostly I do not get it.

  1. can I replace sogo with webtop5, if needbe ( to understand the first batch)
    can you point me to content that will open my eyes wide open.
    whats the best use case for webtop?

Honestly I like SOGO much more but I have not tried this new version yet. I need webdav, which until this version, webtop did not have. Excited to try this (on a non prod server)


Mee too. But i’m missing in SoGo the two factor Authentification via OTP.



Hi @oneitonitram,
I am very happy that you are trying out WebTop :grinning:

It is a groupware based on the client-less philosophy, platform independent and zero-installation.

Its main feature is to have all the functions of a groupware available comfortably on the browser without having to necessarily use a client.

It is always possible to synchronize the address books and calendars externally via Active Sync (see here) and now also with DAV server (see here).

I hope I’ve given you the ideas necessary to make things clearer on this groupware :wink:


Awesome!! I can’t wait to try it!