Ejabberd 18.06 bug or issue

I have for mission to upgrade ejabberd to 18.04, firstable I would like to summarize all issues I can find in 16.01

  • lack of documentation to access the admin page
    correct url is https://IPorDomain:5280/admin
    the user must be part of the jabberadmins group
    the web admin page must be activated

    config setprop ejabberd WebAdmin enabled
    signal-event nethserver-ejabberd-save

  • admin page is incomplete seethis post
    you must use user@domainName to login, but in the /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg you must use only the user part
    {acl, admin, {user_regexp, "^(stephane|admin@nethservertest.org)$"}}.

in the example above, only stephane could use the full administrator web page, the admin user will have a truncated and not functional web page.

we should modify /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg/00template_vars with

+     $members =~ s/\@$DomainName//g;
    @jabberadmins = split(' ', $members || '');
  • when you create a new user, the template /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg is not expanded and ejabberd is not restarted

Some issues or feature requests:

@greavette, @gerald_FS did you find other issues or do you have additional suggestions?


No, I have no other wishes - at least I do not know you yet :wink:

If you look at the XEP, there are still some for file transfers and audio messages …

Thank you! I am looking forward to it…

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Hello Team,

Thank you @stephdl for raising these issues. I’ve never been able to access my ejabberd admin page. I’ve enabled the signal-event instruction and when I access the https site it asks for a login but then immediately I get the error ‘This page isn’t working’. I’ve confirmed that I’ve created a jabberadmins group and my user is a member of that group.

I’ve also noticed that the ejabberd.cfg file is inconsistent with what it requires (user or user@domain).

Despite these issues, I’m happily using my Nethserver ejabberd server for my Nextcloud module for my employees to connect with each other using Nextcloud.

But it would be nice to see what’s on that Admin page for administration purposes. :slight_smile:


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Whereby I find that the admin page is not necessary. Think it would be more elegant if you integrate the functions in the GUI.

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hello @stephdl ,
vllt it is still useful that one could set the max transmission size and speed.

Do you still need certain values ​​for encryption or xpe for file transfer and audio transfer?

well it is really beta stage now, I’m studying ejabberd right now :frowning:

But but ejabberd 18.04 works on my server …youpy

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I did not find information in the documentation on your proposals, could you please point me the correct way to the documentation chapters

I have the following information:


Shaper Rules
An entry allowing to declaring shaper to use for matching user/hosts. The syntax is:

shaper_rules: { ShaperRuleName: { - Number|ShaperName: ACLRule|ACLDefinition } }

Semantic is similar to that described in Access Rights section, only difference is that instead using - allow or - deny, name of shaper or number should be used.


- 10:
- user: “peter@example.com
- 100: admin
- 5
- fast: admin
- slow: anonymous_users
- normal
log_days: 30

Shapers enable you to limit connection traffic. The syntax is:

shaper: { ShaperName: Rate }: where Rate stands for the maximum allowed incoming rate in bytes per second. When a connection exceeds this limit, ejabberd stops reading from the socket until the average rate is again below the allowed maximum.


To define a shaper named ‘normal’ with traffic speed limited to 1,000bytes/second:

normal: 1000
To define a shaper named ‘fast’ with traffic speed limited to 50,000bytes/second:

fast: 50000

Meintest du: Ich habe folgende Infos: Diese Konfiguration ist auch in der jetzigen Konfiguration schon enthalten.

This configuration is already included in the current configuration.


Is related to Speed up Jabber file transfer feature request made by @sharpec

yep I added some props to adjust them if needed, for the GUI we could think of it


But hello!

looks good :wink:

What are you saying with “Groupsname are displayed”?

Do you need settings for file transfer, voice messages and pictures?

I’m looking forward to it when not all users (including the system users and devices are displayed in the contact list)

Can not Hardly Wait :wink:

best regards

feature from @giacomo, in fact users are sorted by group name (from ldap)

do you point to documentation ?




the two modules you pointed are not enabled by default (yet), probably not for the older installation. Facing to the number of modules (that could break other installation), probably you should use a custom template to enable the modules you want and ask after to put it as default once stabilized.

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