Sogo-4.0.2 needs testers

yum update sogo* sope* --enablerepo=nethforge-testing
yum install nethserver-sogo --enablerepo=nethforge-testing

please test the upgrade/installation on a VM

with mail2-server (rspamd) you need to install first nethserver-mail2-server first else the old rpm will be installed

see the announce changelog


You did warn me about first installing nethserver-mail :sweat_smile:

Will roll back;
Lets say no install issues on top of the old nethserver-mail packages :grinning:

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Looks like the update works like a charm.
I just ran the update command and SOGo came up as updated version. BTW this is a supscription Server (with “slow update” repositories enabled)

Running on my (production) VPS.

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2 updates and 1 VM install worked without problems :sunglasses:

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Looks good so far. Update without issue:

Everythings seems to work. :slight_smile:
NS 7.5 1804 (final) with subscription
Thanks a lot for maintaining this package @stephdl :+1:

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Upgrade appears to have worked on ESXi VM. No issues thus far.

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released as an update in nethforge

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