Nethserver set up finished, replacement of Zentyal accomplished

NethServer Version: 7,5

Congratulations to me!

Today I switch off my Zentyal 3.0 server finally. All services and Data are migrated to Nethserver.

Some notes on migration (Will give for details upon request):

  • Mail -> imapsync
  • Calender -> no migration at all
  • VCards -> Thunderbird with TZPush addon, Zarafa with ActiveSync. Switch off https on Zarafa virtual mail host, export as LDIF, import to SoGo
  • files -> Transfer mainly using NFS form unofficial Nethserver module (should be official)
  • music -> sonos links to shares + unofficial Madsonic
  • shares -> some issues but no “must have” concerned
  • radius -> still an open issue as the module is not official and it does not authtificate against LDAP
  • ladp -> fine after some “get used to” issues, especially derived from sAMAccountName vs UserPrincipal name.
  • phpmysql -> some issues from missunderstanding, e.g. not possible to change root password after installation without influencing other modules (e.g. data backup)
  • scripts -> using unofficial CronModule (should be official)
    -> Some Cron jobs to move or delete backup files from other servers
    -> Some cron jobs to parse internal web site and to write data to a mysql-db (homecontrol / radiation system)
  • Mail -> perfect! Much better than I was used to - however still in some mess arround DNS settings
  • DNS -> Completly different from what I was used to, do still need some help to understand how it works … :slight_smile:
  • Proxy / Nethwork groups -> still under setup :slight_smile:
  • KVM -> not used anymore. Set up Proxmox VE running Nethserver as a VM

Please let me know if you want me to share experiences on special topics

Best regards


Herzlichen Glückwunsch (Congratulations)

Now it time for a beer on a languid summer evening :beers:

Cheers! - :beer::beer::beer:

Please open a support thread for each question and link it here.

Congratulations and welcome to the ex-zentyal-users :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome! I to came from Zentyal a long time ago.

@thorsten: sonos rocks!

Oh wow! Good job man :smiley: Another great use case!

@iglqut made something similar and told us at the NethServer conference!


How does this integrate with Sonos? I’m looking for a way to run Sonos on Nethserver and get rid of my windows VM!

Hi John,

I simply use a separate share folder “music” and added it to sonos libary. In fact, music contains 7 subfolders:


and I added each of it individally.

The interlink between madsonic and sonos does not work as expected. I found how to set up madsonic as a music service on sonos, but I can not connect. Here I am still searching for a solution.

Best regards

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So you are still using the Windows controller software then?

I tried some time ago but, after the update at V8 of Sonos firmware, I had problems too.

I have the pay version of Madsonic but I haven’t tested anymore.

I found that Sonos software controller is ok for my needs.

Yes and No:
Yes, I do still have it installed on my laptop for rare purposes:

  • I found it much easier to do the setup, especially of the shared foldes
  • when I work in my home office, I use it to turn on the radio
  • when I work in the evening AND my kids watch TV I use it as a master to controll the loudness of the playbar
  • when I forgott my Iphone in the kitchen I am usually to lazy to get it on floor up to the home office

No: I mainly use the iphone or android app as the controller, see above…

By the way - reading between the lines - but I might be wrong interpreting your expectations:

I do not think it is possible to send madsonic / other music sources to SONOS. The access to SONOS using a DLNA media renderer seems to be a closed propiotary system. In consequence, you will allways need to use “the SONOS media renderer” such as the Windows, IOS or Android controller App. In my case, Madsonic appears as a Music service within the controller app, so it is similar to other music services such as apple music or napster. To the best of my knowledge, thoses system do not controll your Sonos infrastructure, but you can play music provided by theses services.

I hope this helps,
Best regards

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exactly same for me …

Yes, you have to install a “madsonic service” to Sonos app/software.

If I read correctly, Madsonic would let me exceed the number of about 65000 tracks that Sonos can handle with folder sharing.
However, I don’t know if the limit is per shared folder (multiple folders can be shared) or if it is the total number of songs.

There are some ways to do so - but it requires manual work:

There is an unofficial ubuntu linux controll app here:

The ARC Welder seems to allow to run Android apps (the sonos controller) within Google Chrome: (german, english sites availble, too)

Sonos controller App seems to be compatible with WINE (at least some versions).

I hope this helps
Best regards

Thanks Thorsten, I did know about the unoficial and the WINE option, I thought that maybe you had found another method I hadn’t heard of :slight_smile:

That’s really very nice. I think i will also migrate here. And thanks for those notes i am sure they will be very helpful.

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Maybe a (very) late note: IMO it is / should be best practise to have a separate mysql account for every service/database. Never use the root mysql account for your applications.