Community SPRINT


(Rob Bosch) #1

The past year we have seen some great examples of community intitiatives to create new modules. Ofcourse there is the huge list of @stephdl and @mrmarkuz in our wiki but also several other intitiatives. For example the Howto Install FOG Server started by @fausp, Howto install Calibre Content server by @dnutan and Acme-dns on NS by @danb35
These are just examples of great initiatives. There are MANY more in our fourms.

Now my idea: a lot of these initiatives stop when there is a complete howto. There are still many great applications that are a great addition to NethServer funtionality, but lack a 1-command or 1-click install. My proposal is to try and gather as many community members that work on these applications to get them to a state that they can be added to NethServer-Nethforge repository. That way, they also have this great 1-click install from the webadmin interface.

To make this possible we need to pick period of time, when community developers can do an interactive session. During such a SPRINT maybe we can support a permanent video support channel with the option to share screens so multiple devs can work on the same module.
I know the most productive way would be to have this in a real life session, (for instance at a community congress or at something like FOSDEM) but I also understand that this is very hard to accomplish. So the second best thing that I can think of, is an online session.

If some of the Nethesis devs can be available for feedback too during such an event, we actually could get a huge progress on this.

What do you think? Would this be an option to try? Anyone willing to help setting this up? Some points to consider?

(James Nesbitt) #2

Hi @robb,

I know that I haven’t developed any modules, but I think this is a great idea - I hope that there is a lot of support for it and those who have made modules are able to get together to help have it integrated into a 1-Click Install.

Not sure what I could help with, but do let me know if there is anything I can help with. I’ll also keep track of this thread and will chime in when there is something I could possibly help with.

(Mark Verlinde) #3

Some thought on this: IMHO

The problem is not the development of packages; to beta state at least. Then the testing of all possible configuration, environments and so no starts. We , or I, do not have a automated test environment so for me 1 hour development is at least 2 hours testing. Note you have to install a package a dozen times to loop true different configurations. And after this your are still not sure if it’s oke, due to the single environment you are testing in.

Second is the maintenance of packages, again a lot of testing.

To wrap up, i like the Idea. :grinning:

Be active in giving feed back of those valuable howto’s. The starting point of a package development is two steps ahead, the configuration is tested/reviewed in different environments.

Without active support of the community in testing, we end up with a lot of broken packages.

just my 2’ct

(Rob Bosch) #4

I believe this is very high on @davidep’s wishlist. Any update on this?

(Dan) #5

“Sprint” sounds like “agile development”, which left a pretty rotten taste in my mouth the last time I dealt with it. But there are a few issues keeping my acme-dns module from going much further:

  • Testing. I know it works for me, but I don’t know if anyone else has even installed it, much less how well it’s working in the field.
  • Server manager integration. I’d be starting from square 1 on this, and to do it right would need a degree of interactivity.
  • The acme-dns RPM itself really should be built from source, rather than using the developer’s pre-compiled binary–but I don’t know enough about Go and packaging to make that happen.

Automx seems to be in a mostly-workable state (though someone who knows more Python than I is going to need to track down why LDAP is failing) --at least, as far as I can tell. Again, I’ve had no feedback from others who have used it.

(Rob Bosch) #6

I just thought of SPRINT as an event where multiple devs work together on nethserver modules. For instance a day or a week(end). If we can manage to have some additional tools so communitcation can be more direct, I think we can effectively do a lot of work.
If you have a better name than “SPRINT” please say so, and I will change it on the spot… :wink:
Especially your points 2 and 3 are great options for the dev event.
I think the biggest win would be learning from more experienced developers so at the end we get more skilled developers in our community.

And about your first point: we could organize a “testathon” and try to test with as many members as possible as many as (new)modules… (and get that testing software so modules can get ‘autotested’)

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #7

I like the idea, I am always available to share what I know or to help, but indeed the hardness part is the free time that I am/we are always running after.

I know this week Nethesis is closed, lets see the inputs of others developers

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