NethServer Conference in Italy, Sept 29-30 2017

As you know, we love to build great things together! We have already discussed it before at FOSDEM and now I’m excited to announce that the NethServer community will meet at its first own conference in Italy.

Our idea is to make this a learning and organizational event, so the aim is to arrange technical talks and discussions around how to make NethServer better and develop our community in the best way.

Remember, NethServer belongs to all of us. With NethServer we make sysadmins’ lives easier leveraging the power of Linux without the complexity.

##Program and venue

First day 29th September (optional) we are invited as usual to attend the Nethesis Partner Meeting at Palacongressi in Riccione, Italy. We’ll have a stand where we can spread the NethServer word and I’ll bring swag and stuff to make the booth look nice. We can gather and meet familiar faces, drinking good wine and eating italian food (Official language for the event is Italian but with some interpreters we can make it anyway!). The day will end with a dinner to which everyone is invited to participate.

Second day 30th September, we will move to another venue where we can actually kick off the community event.

NethServer Conference is going to take place at Villa Matarazzo. Located in Fanano (10 km from Riccione), on Marche hills, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, in front of the Castle of Gradara (PU),


We want this to be an event where everyone who works on and with NethServer is invited, that includes members, partners, and supporters.

The event will be free and we are pretty sure to find sponsorships for food and venue at least.

To make this a real community event, I’d like to ask everybody to help and discuss the conference organization!
Which topics do you want to discuss at the event?
Do you have any suggestion for the organization? Do you have questions? Let’s talk.

We will organize and plan the event here on community and you can get involved right now!

I’m preparing an open registration form and a call for papers to submit.
For now, save the date! 29-30 September 2017

That is going be a HUGE opportunity to meet the NethServer Community as a whole!

[Agenda] (#agenda)

  • NethServer in an Educational environment - @robb
    I would like to point out what it would take to make NS the perfect solution in Educational environments.

  • Nethserver implementation in a health company- C hanging from Zentyal to Nethserver - @iglqut
    Moving from a corrupted NT4 Samba 4 (Zentyal 3.4) Domain to AD is a challenge, especially when you have to do it in a life system. We have done it at our medical institute, with the impressive help of the nethserver community within 6 weeks. Our speech will show (tactically and technically) how we solved the problems. We will also discuss the limitations and our wishes for future developments.

  • FreePBX and Asterisk on NethServer - @Stll0
    This talk is about main differences between NethServer and FreePBX distribution and why we wanted to install FreePBX on NethServer instead of using the existing distro. We are also pointing out differences between enterprise and community version of NethServer PBX, development pitfalls and future developments

  • Moving to the next NethServer UI - @davidep
    What is lacking in Nethgui? Is Cockpit good for NethServer? We will discuss some ideas and perspectives on the user interface of NethServer.

  • State of the NethServer Community - @alefattorini
    Stories from our community, faces, challenges tackled, years of blood and sweat. What we have achieved so far, what we’re working on and what’s next.

  • The LibreSchool project: integrating NS in a scholastic FOSS environment - @syntaxerrormmm @fuso
    We will provide a quick overview of the main goals of the LibreSchool project, then highlight how NethServer was chosen between other FOSS operative systems to be the core of our implementation. We will also quickly summarize what pre-existent technologies we employed, both during development and in production, and the new ones we integrated inside NethServer with little efforts, to simplify the management of these FOSS labs in some Northern Italian schools.

  • SambaStatus a “Do it yourself” module for NethServer - @gecco
    Develop from scratch a module for to see logged user and open file in NethServer used like Domain Controller. There is not a similar function into NethServer then I wrote it!

Registrations are opened

Hotel Special Prices

We have gathered some hotel options for you! (Sorry Italian only but you can reach out to the hotel for further information)

At the time of booking, please indicate “Convenzione Meeting Nethesis Palariccione”

Some info on the NethServer Conference.

  • Flight: we suggest to book your flights as soon as possible choosing Bologna as destination
  • From Bologna you can reach the Nethesis Partner meeting’s location in Riccione by train
  • On the basis of the numbers of attendees we will arrange transportations from Riccione (Nethesis Meeting) to Cattolica (NethServer Conference)
  • Italian attendees can easily reach both locations by car. There are free car parks near them.

What can I say… This is just AWESOME! Let’s make this conference happen: WE, the NethServer Community!
I will save the date for sure…


Really nice news :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just some ideas that we can discuss and hopefully decide over:

  • NS roadmap(s): the TOCK in the TICK-TOCK development. What new (official) features can we expect for NS7? What will be the goal for NS8?
  • My personal favorit: NS as base for educational purposes. What functionality needs to be added to make NS the most useful base for schools.
  • NethServer community: Now the community as growing I think there is a need for a (formalised) body of people that want to take that extra step to get the community to a higher level. Almost every opensource distribution has some kind of board or counsel. Most of the time informed (or if you want: advised) by the several groups of specialists that run their own part of the community. Think of documentation team, bughunters team, translation team etc… I don’t know what would be the best way of installing such a board or counsel. Maybe by appointing 1 member of each team in the board? Or just ask for people who want to step in?

Input and ideas about these items and any other items that should be part of the Conference are much appreciated and welcomed.


As part of the conference I want to step forward and ask for about 45-60 min presentation about how NethServer can serve in educational environments. Could that be scheduled on the Saturday?


We have a bunch of ideas regarding that but too little energies to devote :unamused:
Indeed, a long shared roadmap could be a great outcome for the conference.

I hope to see the whole @education_team at the conference to talk about that :slight_smile:

Great point, we tried to tackle this in the past :point_down: and currently each ambassador has a job to do.
I don’t know how many attendees we’ll have but we can think also to two parallel tracks for our meetings

Thanks for your proposal, very interesting.
I’m thinking mostly to some lightning talks (30 mins at most) in order to give enough time to the other speakers and meetings

I think that could work. Will you collect all requests so you can guard the quality of the presentations?

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To get started, I can collect some proposals Title + Abstract
Do you want to discuss all of these suggestions there?

Oh, i envy those who live nearby!

Wish i could!

Maybe next time :slight_smile: , so for those who are going, do discuss the integration of others opensource packages, like, PHPbb, OpenFire, GLPI. And please, native integration with other cloud services to backup like DropBox/OneDrive/Gdrive. :stuck_out_tongue:

Am i asking too much?! For a AIO linux distribution to be so perfect?!

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Very good idea. I’ll save the dates yet…

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Great idea, marked in my calendar

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@ssabbath did you miss this? NextCloud has already a great integration with those services.

@roberto.schiano @netbix happy to hear it :slight_smile: I’ll keep you in touch.

I´m also thinking of joining this event- probably I could present our change from Zentyal to Nethserver last Jan/Feb and implications in a medical institution.


It would be amazing man :slight_smile: so many Zentyal users will be glad to attend your talk.
@MarianH @Rustie @icebal @robb @drivemeca @douglasdiasn @Zoltan_Polyak @panzerphreak @tchenier @greavette @Tom @firsttiger @jrab66 @cswain @MrE @wombat77 @christian


By the way,all is still working fine and except the nextcloud problem, which you solved brilliantly we had no real problems so far at all in a real life situation

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@iglqut: I will be delighted to meet you in Italy! I do hope more community members will join and apply to do a talk about their experiences with NethServer and Opensource.


Yup, i have GLPI installed in two of my nethserver firewalls around the world :astonished: lol! :slight_smile: i know it works pretty well. I have openfire on ClearOS too, it works pretty well.

I know it is possible, but i would love some integration in the “software center” of them, to make them “officially” supported :smiley: , i´m just giving some ideas… thats all, i know it is a LOT to do, documentation and all, but i think thats something really good that people can enjoy.

(The Offspring - Now that’s something everyone can enjoy!)

And for the Cloud integration, all i´ve seen is a Dropbox integration in NextCloud and it does not allow me to put sync my fileserver files there, what i meant was a native integration for the fileserver. I´m currently testing OneDrive-D OneDrive Free Client and GitHub - xybu/onedrive-d-old: Microsoft OneDrive client on Linux.

Already booked a room- comin’with my wife- looking forward to see you! :grin: