So, what are you working on? - 2 Aug 17

Ehi NethServerians! How is it going?

That’s my plan for these days:

Let me give a big warm welcome to our new members from this past week. I’d like to remind you this is an incredible, supportive and understanding community. We’re all here to help each other

What are you working on? Is there a problem that you’re here hoping to solve?

Finally, I tag some people that are hanging around @rasi @Carlos_Estrada @Ctek @warren_midgley @pguerra @Max_Borgogelli @Jclendineng @jonathanj513 @hector @Miko10 @Enzo @apradoc @Jim @Alessio_Leopardi
What’s on your plate this week? Any new challenge? Not NethServer strictly related.

Well, my Nethserver application is up and running smoothly. But I will list some of the nice to have todos I am trying to get to as time allows.

  1. Making the Sogo web url not case sensitive.
  2. Creating a user landing page, something to reside in the web root with links to running services for users. It might be nice if this could be automated.
  3. Once, I am more familiar with the system I would like to create a “nocatsplash”(not sure if that is a DD-WTR term , or universal) for my Blue interface. Something that requires guest to agree to terms of service and then timing them out after a while.

I am working on organizing a music/video/audiobook server. Using plex but having issues with some tagging. I have my nethserver as my main router connected to my isp and a freenas server for samba shares and plex. Also zfs file system is pretty awesome. I want to expand to 10gbe ether net at some point but right now I’m trying to go totally Google free, so all services I used through Google I’m trying to self host. Along with that I’m writing a manual for my whole system, so setting up my nethserver from scratch and just keeping complete documentation. Not needed at all but it’s good experience. I’m also playing with suricata, would eventually I will have a dedicated server with some power running it so I can do more with it.

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I must confess, i have never really been part of forums or communities. Having said that i joined Neth Community and i have had alot of success on my nethserver installation in my school. Right now i’m trying to figure how to use the global blacklist and whitelist. Pretty exciting stuff…


We’re attempting something some may find “crazy”. We’re replacing an aging Windows 2003 Active Domain with a Nethserver with Samba and email services. We’re also looking at migrating a large number of our workstations from Windows to Linux Mint. So far the Samba setup went smooth and a test Windows 8.1 and Linux Mint workstations authenticated and logged into the Samba domain.

It wasn’t easy getting this far at all. Documentation is all-over-the-place for Linux… it’s not like a pure Windows environment where systems just “talk” to each other out-of-the-box and configuring is heavily GUI based making it easier for most. Navigating the Linux environment is super tricky and you almost have to be a guru to get things done.

Now I know why Linux hasn’t penetrated the corporate environment so well. In business time is money and some companies don’t have the resources and time to spend to figure these things out.

Frankly, if it wasn’t for projects like Nethserver we would have never went down this road. NS makes the server management side so much more pleasant. It just works. We also looked at Zentyal and ClearOS. NS had just what we needed.

Now if only someone can tell me how to get access to the MySQL service on NS!

Good day to all!


This is your friend. Id suggest bookmarking this wiki. Great tool for managing mysql db’s.

Edit: mysqld is 3306 and listed under your services for restart etc. ssh also works if you prefer cmd line


yes I already thought about that…even something easy to recall -> /webmail

already talked, could be for sure interesting

once done, document it, sure it will interest a lot of people

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That’s a nice idea, but I think it would be much better if user can give it’s own name. Is it possible to implement it in gui?

Thanks @Jclendineng. Installing phpmyadmin made life easier!

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@pguerra good plan, let us know if you need help!
@Jclendineng @EddieA is a plex expert, he may help you.
@Harold_Maponde_Shama thanks for your trust! Happy to have you here. What do you do for living?

We love crazy people :slight_smile:

Super interesting! I think this would be good starting point for a new discussion. I totally agree with you, I would add that a great community and support (also commercial) could help to save your time/money.
I’d like to know what people have to say about that @ambassadors_group

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For now there is no gui for sogo, It is something that I have on my todo


I just never understood this, Linux is growing really fast on the server market side(you can read : Linux has won the war) and students don’t learn Linux during their study…or really quick. In France we have specific studies which aims to learn open-source and Linux.

It is easy to understand that something searched is expensive.

I agree. It really annoys me when otherwise computer-savvy people don’t want to put in the time to learn linux. Its better in almost every way than windows. You can’t game as well, but for server/enterprise systems, its much more secure and in my opinion more stable. I would run linux full time if it wasn’t for the occasional LAN party with friends :smiley:

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Planing to offer services in nethserver is buggy but works.

I do agree that tech-savvy people, and admins for that matter, should be obliged to put-in the time to learn… but the reality is that, just like in any other discipline, there are the good, great and mediocre system admins and in the real world there are alot of mediocre system admins and these ones usually follow the “status-quo” and that is the cozy MS Windows environment. Not to mention enterprise specific applications (eg. ERP, etc…) that for the most part are Windows-centric. Linux sometimes just doesn’t have an alternative for those applications… of course the mass movement to web/cloud apps will definitely give Linux a huge boost. And as you know, Microsoft already knows that.

You also have to look at the IT infrastructure as whole when it comes to enterprise. For example, in our real life migration attempt our initial goals were to get a network of Linux Mint and Windows workstations to authenticate against a Linux main server that will centrally hold user credentials and provide email services. Not too complicated but trust me it wasn’t that easy getting this far. In fact we beat our heads for hours trying to get Linux to authenticate using SSSD and realm and we just couldn’t! We were forced to use PowerBroker Open for this. In the Windows world you would just setup an AD, join it and get yourself Exchange or buy any one of the countless mail server products on the market that are both great and easy to manage (eg. MDaemon, SmarterTools, MailEnable, etc…). The hurdle to get MS products working together is that much lower.

But of course everything has a price and MS products can get really expensive. Especially now that they are pushing for a subscription based model so they can tie-you-in and guarantee a steady revenue stream. Not to mention that MS now acts as if it’s a government entity, they have the audacity to “audit” you and make sure you are “compliant”. And for the most part, and given how complex their licensing is, most companies end-up with a bill to pay even though they think they are fully licensed… there’s always a few CAL’s and licenses here-and-there that are short. For me, this is a BIG infringement on the private enterprise and I hate it. Hence my admiration of the “Linux World”…

Anyway, this can go on to be a rambling rant and I know it will rub some people in the wrong way so I’ll end here for now! :slight_smile:

Good day to all!

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Yes I know nothing is free in this world, always you must pay the price :slight_smile:

What do you mean with “buggy”?

Helps us to change the world of the system administrators :rainbow:

Look out the bug with samba these days, I’ve had problems with CentOS repositories (I had a security Issue in SMEserver I`ll have it here again).

But Nethserver works at the end. Ubuntu is bit safer but It doesnt work in anything.

Kisses from Colombia!!!