Organizing the April Community Hangout

After this discussion old I’d like to dig up this topic again

Can we set up a new community hangout for the next weeks? I’d like to see your faces again:
Everyone can join us to discuss:

Any suggestions for the agenda? Just submitted a doodle

Taggin just a few @ironsky @mabeleira @sitz @WillZen @apradoc @Nas @vhinzsanchez @Jim @jackyes @lvicentini @mark_nl @craaaft @mikabeckerich @Greg @hany @kisaacs @eliezer.axiem @Hunv @bwdjames @a4rgl @Walter_Schoenly @syntaxerrormmm @Adam @firsttiger @EddieA @islipfd19 @flatspin @Jim @bwdjames @FixitFelix @asl @uliversal @EddieA @jlibster @maddin @transocean @edi @greavette @JOduMonT @medworthy @gerald_FS @gondrano @tboston @hucky @Bart


Signed up for the hangout. I do hope many members can join and participate in the discussion. The topics are important to get voiced by the community. So anyone: please join the discussion.

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@Hunv @robb @m.traeumner have already filled the doodle. Thanks guys

I’ve selected some times in Doodle when I am available.

Have you tried to use Google’s Meet which is the replacement for Hangouts? I find its a lot more responsive and stable.

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Nope but we can try

Great! 7 participants, we have two possible dates 21 and 28 :smiley:

I just realized I have another meeting the 21th (I’m sorry @hunv and @stephdl ) so we should organize the meeting on

Apr 28 Fri 17.30 – 18.00

@davidep ? @dz00te ? @gabriele_bulfon Anyone else?


For starters: I didn’t even know there is such thing. 2nd, my worktime is insane, so it is rather early morning or later night. :frowning:

Appointment set in agenda. See you online!

So the winner date is? I don’t see anything



28th is fine for me


Good to know! Just added @giacomo to the list
#savethedate Apr 28 Fri 17.30 – 18.00 CEST

It’s my first Hangout. Can somebody tell me how to join the Hangout?

Just sent a PM. Anyone else wants to join us today?

#savethedate Apr 28 Fri 17.30 – 18.00 CEST CEST

I would like to. Send me an invite please :slight_smile:

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We did a great hangout thank to all attendees. Give me some time so I can upload a short recording