So, what are you working on? - 26 Apr

Good morning NethServer family,
once again I’m two days late this week because I’ve been enjoying some holidays here in Italy (Liberation Day)

This week I’m preparing for our community hangout this Friday and I need to reply to several discussions opened over the last few days.

I want to give a big, warm welcome here to our new members from this past week. We’re so thrilled you found us and can’t wait to get to know all of you. :wave:

If you’re new here, make yourself at home and tell us what are you working on!

So, what are you guys working on? Any achievement to share with us? @greavette @xcod @Hunv @sharpec @des @Valeriy @dnutan @wclemo @m.traeumner @warren_midgley @Bluelake @Sebastian @hucky @islipfd19

With version 7.3 of Nethserver
I’m annoying my 60 users with torrent and whatsapp filters
I can manage the guest network by limiting the bandwidth
I can remotely connect to other locations with Nethserver products
I’m preparing to migrate the domain and network folders on Nethserver
I live with Nethserver

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Well said! :heart::blue_heart: Would you like to join us at NethServer Conference ?
How many installations do you manage?

For now, just getting acquainted with it in a home test machine with mail/collab/ad/file server.

I really would like to participate!!

I have 3 server with Nethserver 7.3 in my company
Another one in Sud America (6.8)
3 nethserver box dislocated in Abruzzo
and 1 in Germany

Last in my home in a vm for filtering ad and virus

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Today, my first Proxmox installation with first NS7 VM as PDC-AD.
Both of them, quick and simple!
For now, just for learning and testing.

I have tried ESXi on three dedicated hardware but no success because of CPUs! Too old! No problem with Proxmox!

Thanks to @m.traeumner 's topic and to all answers, especialy to @flatspin, @Stefano_Zamboni, @Lincee and of course, @m.traeumner 's choice!


What I’m working on? Hi gang, I’m Scott. Glad to be here as a noob to Nethserver and hoping I’ve made the right choice to install this on my desktop server. The hardware: HP Z800, 2 X xeon cpus, 32GB ram (plan to increase to 96Gb ASAP) 4 X 1TB HDDs internal and 4 x 500GB HDDs external (6 TB total). Hope to link aggr the 2 nics for round robin. I want the Physical machine to host Docker for containers running VMs for multiple websites with dedicated domain names on each I’d like to use Citadel as my groupware for email, etc for the different domains and Nextcloud for my home/personal stuff for the family. I’m hoping the host machine can act as name router to the different domains since I have only one public IP and hope to appear as though each site is dedicated. Though I am familiar with working with many of these components individually, I’m not feeling very confident about getting them integrated and working as I’d like within the physical host. New to Docker containers and and I could use some setup advice to make this whole thing work. I’m very excited about this project and being part of the Nethserver community.

please read What about Docker on NethServer 7?

Hi, for more than 3 years I am pleased, running an SME 8 server without any troubles.
As this version is discontinued, I have to touch it…
By preparing update to SME 9 I found a link to NethServer, the improved concept suits to me. Especially that this software is based on Centos 7 and not on Centos 6 is attracting…

At the moment I’ve invested some hours to understand the singularities of the domain concept. Also it seems, that the migration of my SME users to NethServer need a good prepared sequence of the necessary steps…

Hi @alefattorini,

Oh boy…what a loaded question…What am I not working on? I’m clogging up the forums here with my problems it seems (sorry about that!).

  • I’m actively building/testing Nextcloud as I want to move my office to using version 11 (we’re currently still on ownCloud). I’m having major problems with external storage to my NAS.
  • I’ve installed the nethserver chat (Ejabberd) module. My hope was to test using the xmpp chat client in Nextcloud. But sadly I’m getting errors on my Bosh server. I’ve also confirmed that my Ejabberd server is not working properly as my admin page isn’t working correctly.
  • And…my Webtop 5 mail testing has hit a roadblock when we apply our ssl cert.

Sorry, I feel like I’m all bad news today…but as usual the Nethserver team/forum always steps up and tries to help. I’m hoping solutions can be found for all these problems as I’m looking forward to moving our office to Nethserver ASAP! :slight_smile:

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I’m working on getting some newer hardware, the server seems to be running well and doing what it’s supposed to do, but newer hardware and more drive space will be a good thing. Thanks!

I’m working on a mobile app.

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@neurodesigns how your tests are going? Any updates?
@sharpec Awesome! Registrations will be opened soon
@GG_jr :heart_eyes:
@smarshburn You’re not forced to integrate them all in one installation. With NethServer 7 you can set up one service for installation and join them each other. Thanks for being here, we are excited to having you :slight_smile:
@derwisch we love SME server users! Please shot your questions without any fear. We talked about that many times:

@greavette you look so busy! :smiley: I cant’ wait to hear some news about NethServer in your office.
@kurtes25 are you looking for a specific hardware?
@Sebastian yeah! I love that :smiley:

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