So, what are you working on? - 21 Aug 17

Ehi NethServerians,
did you miss me? I have been away for a while since it was vacation time here in Italy :sunny: so I took the opportunity to recharge my batteries.
Now I feel relaxed and energized for a new week! Are you ready too? I hope so :zap:

That’s my plan for the coming days:

  • catch up with the last posts
  • advertise our conference. Ehi did, you miss that registrations are opened? Let’s sign up now!
  • Newsletter Aug/Sep Issue

And you? What are you working on this week?

Let me give a big warm welcome to our new members from this past week!
Make yourselves at home and consider this your safe space for any questions you have related to NethServer and sysadmin’s life.

This is an incredible, supportive and understanding community. We’re all here to help each other.


Finally, I tag some people that are hanging around @EddieA @dnutan @half_life1052 @clinton @prostream @Adam_Fransson @davidep @bwdjames @Krajczar_Jeno @filippo_carletti @a4rgl @maddin @robb

What’s on your plate this week?

A way for kill a MemeAbuser. Without caffeine, of course :joy::joy::joy:

Therefore, a way to make Veeam understand that MSSQL Server is not that bad (with VSS).
And a way to auto-update few appliances.

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Back from vacations, we are now working on some new improvements!

And last but not least @edoardo_spadoni and @davidep are doing some experimentation for the next-gen Server Manager using AngularJS and Cockpit, stay tuned!


Wow such a great update! Thanks for sharing.

Regarding this, I have to suggest @davidep’s talk at our conference!

Its school holidays, so running around like a chicken with its head cut off with school holiday events and a heavy workload at the office.

Still strongly considering how to make Nethserver work in an auto-scaling environment like AWS where one must plan for server failure/termination and config persistence between server instances.

Also trying to find time to respond to all of the posts that I want to respond too.

Here in Italy holidays last since June to September :slight_smile: looong period for parents.

Looks like a great plan! Why do you need this? Just for testing?

I would be very happy about this :slight_smile:

Well testing to see if it can be done and also to prove that Nethserver is capable of doing it and it would greatly enhance it’s visibility and become a viable option to use if it proven to work in an ASG environment.

I know that centos 7 itself works well in an ASG environment, its the NethServer config files which are the challenge.

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