So, what are you working on? - 26 Sep 17

NethServer Family!
We’re ready. Just a few days from the NethServer Conference. I can’t wait to see you there.
I’m working hard and keeping my head down!

Anyway as you know, every week we welcome our new blood asking them to feel immediately comfortable and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with.

Welcome to NethServer Community!

Please comment below and try to answer one of these questions:

  • What you’re working on?
  • Who are you?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • Do you have already installed it?


Finally, I tag some people that are hanging around @nikolaus.herrmann @Leo @jamesg01 @baguioboy @wahmed @NhFan @bies @luca_aguzzoli @hector @kunstlust @planet_jeroen @Andrea_Boldrini @Jose_Lapa
What’s on your plate?

Hi there,

I am working on an ERP project. Most of the codes are python installed on a CentOS base installation. The ERP Apps runs on port 80 and all the server administration side like IP address are done in terminal.

So, I am looking for the web portal that can handle the server. This is where I find nethserver. We are linux server provider in our place, we insure our client the ease of use and administer the machine.

I am glad and thankful to the developers and community for your work.



As a developer, in the begining i just google to looking for an open source email server, for replacing my current email server deployed by iRedMail, which is running not very stable recently.
But nethserver was totally outstanding for me. The deployment was very easy and fast, and much more features not only for a mail server.
Now I’m trying to host everything of my business in nethserver. Just installed mantis bug tracking system with local LDAP authentication, everything is working great.
All thanks to nethserver and the team working on it.


In this case you might have a look at the community modules:

Or check some install howtos:

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Welcome Julieto
Which kind of project? Is it closed? Why did you choose NethServer?

@tommycloud are you dev? Which kind of?
Are you using NethServer internally to your company?

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I can’t wait to integrate!


in this period me and my team are working to a CAD migration trough a full conversion of the old archive. In the meantime we must to upgrade the PDM system into a new architecture intergrated with the ERP based on SAP.

At the moment I use Nethserver only fo personal use.



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Mostly was java/swift, but sometimes i do some other works like php, html, centos server stuff, even photoshop.
And yes, i’m using nethserver internally in my company.
Although i think few small part of it need improving, but totally great for me.

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At home? Cool. What are your needs?

Which kind of services are you using?