What is the most awesome module/feature for NethServer, that does not yet exist?

Working out Nagios install finished the install, working out the quirks…will post when its running in full without complications… this is the core version which is open source… I need to sit down with the programmers soon and decide how to put this into the distro, So if you all want to que up and let me know who is on board for this it would much appreciated, as i am testing packages against the distro…


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NethServer is already using them: RBL and Sender WBL, Recipient whitelist

I will get to that next, and see what i can do to make it clearer for you, and see if it can be done the way i am showing you, I will research it and it will become another project if i see its possible .

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I am testing what doesnt break the distro, it is up to them to hand me source to integrate it or have other developers integrate what i have found works so far, I am waiting and working hard to get this all correct so they can see whats possible, it is up to them to or me to tie them into working modules within the distro if they wish I cannot do more then what they give me, I have yet to work closely with a coder to make these changes or build another interface that would host these features. I have selected a bunch of installs and showed how they can work and keep NethServer Stable, the rest is up to them and how they want to model from that Im all ears in as far as thats concerned and will do my best to help with the transitions.

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This is coming soon, its something no one is expecting :smile:

Yes, it’s true, but Outlook support with openChange could be another big enancement.

Consider that many business users do not wnat to change their clinets 'cause they know Outlook well.

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I want to avoid you more efforts… please, do you want open a new topic to propose your work? So everybody can comment it?

It is being worked on and I am looking at the aspect of it, I will use a new forum when i know 100% it is possible… do you want me to put the idea out there is that what you are saying? I dont mind that if you all want to know…

Thanks :smile:

Probably you have misunderstanding the meaning of “community” : this is not a race that you can win alone…this is a trip that we are enjoying together…or by an other side i really can’t understand your speech

What does that mean exactly? I am speaking in normal english… what is it you do not understand I will clarify…

Don’t worry, it 's my bad english…sometimes i must read your posts many time to understand what you Intend

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no worries we are all in this together, I am working with everyone to make this a better distro, things sometimes are not understood, if there is any way i can make it easier for you let me know thanks :smile:

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@PParker I have same problem of @AbsyntH but I’m sure that we can work togheter to improve the community and the distro.

Hey Sitz, I just have been exhausted, lots of family drama was over here the past week affecting the finish of this module. I am working with anyone who wants to work with me there is no issue there, I also have my own business to run and there is high activity going on with that as well. I am trying for tonight to get onto this project and finishing within 2-3 days where I can do a release of what is going on and looking for assistance. I need to be clear so there is no miscommunication of what was done so anyone on can follow. my notes are in shorthand right now, no one can understand them but me. I do eventually want to sit down with all the programmers and code this into the distro as it should be, so they need to come forth so I know who is on board.

Just wondering, don’t these businesses have training budgets, or is this the old issue about ‘tie-in’ contracts with their vendors / Microsoft?

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nothing but lazy customers!!! They simply don’t want to study someting new…