What is the most awesome module/feature for NethServer, that does not yet exist?

On bacula, yes some things that require manual updates are expected you cant ever have zero administration that is ridiculous, ease of administration absolutely!

This I see something is that is needed as well…anything realtime would definately improve the package so much better, SNMP helps with a lot with administration

Do you want start an howto for Joomla? Let’s try :wink: it could be fun.

Im looking into that so give me some time, I am thinking since i saw a couple of posts before someone installed a package outside of NethServer, I will give it a try and see what happens, porting into the Dashboard maybe something you might have a programmer do, which i am not,I do security testing, but i will do my best to see what i can do. Let me try on my end and then work it from there i am praying I dont break the NethServer Package… if i do not, i can lead into many things in the future. …we shall see…

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We discussed about a page for managing simple RAID arrays.
The page should allow something like:

  • find and replace faulty disks
  • create new arrays (raid 1 or 5) where data can be stored

Under the hood the implementation should be fairly simple (just few bash scripts?), but I’m a little concerned about the GUI design: to make it simple, we should probably lose some flexibility.

I have webmin in place, as soon as i get this straight its trying for Bacula, I have spamassassin on but not configurated as of yet, it is 2:41am here and I been going for 8+ hours on this… I need some zzz’s and my ISP is coming in to fix the internet so expect me back on it around 6-7pm CST …I will try for Bacula then and report back, so far the only break has been in IPS snort…

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@nrauso is an expert about this tool :smiley:


Guys, what about two services not implemented as far as I know?

  • DLNA/upnp server (I used a lot of those, now using MediaTomb)
  • torrent client, maybe connected with userauth module? (transmission would be fine I guess)

With these two features, I would change my good old ubuntu homeserver at once :wink:

I think OpenChange would be a good candidate, if it will be stable :wink:

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I looked at the possibility of running nagios4 open source, that comes to mind…it does look promising CheckMk i could not find the screenshots and i am interested to see what that looks like.

Look at the adagios how to :wink:

The IPS could not be recovered, I externally installed I installed Snort - in its place. and Pigsty and it seems to be almost stable. its still being worked on, at points the distro does show some breakage in the packages if you go too far to the point that you cannot reinstall the IPS. Using a backup I would loose all the work I have put in thus far, I chose to roll forward and move around it as it was costing too much time to recover the NethServer IPS package. I finally got the external drives in the PowerEdge 2850 to load using command line, and Webmin, working it into intergration it would come over time through coding and testing.

bacula is coming tonight, it looks very good and i will be looking for how it will sit in the distro and if it can run with NethServer in place. I am still eerked a little with distro breaking the IPS… but i will come back to that with a solution. I do know you can run Snort and Pigsty stable, which Pigsty is wayyy better then Barnyard2 something to be noted.

a good overview and schreenshot here

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That is wicked, it would be awesome next to Nagios since its an extension to it.

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