How manage Apache/Nginx virtual hosts?

How are people managing Apache/Nginx virtual hosts? This is a huge need for me.

Some alternatives:

  • Plesk (the gold standard, perhaps)
  • Virtualmin (old and well tested… but I think we are all ready for a change)
  • (just like Virtualmin–old but well tested. Ready for something better)
  • Ajenti (requires that we uninstall common packages like httpd and install their versions, not good)
  • Froxlor (relies on apache or nginx, not a standalone service)
  • Vesta (requires that we uninstall common packages like httpd and install their versions, not good)
  • Centos Webpanel (seems good. I wish it allowed 256mb servers, but that is small issue)
  • (Italian and focused on RedHat distros, like NethServer)

I am looking into VirtualMin, and a few others hang tight :slight_smile:

PParker, I wonder if the NethServer team decided early on to not try and compete with web hosting panels. It is a complex space to compete in. There are cloud hosting panels for resellers, for instance. Also there is SSL management. I wonder if it would be best to simply embrace connections to a couple best of breed web hosting panels, rather than try and replicate all of the web hosting management features?


Sandstorm looks promising, too.

Sandstorm lets you run your own server and install apps like EtherCalc, GitLab, LibreBoard, Wave, and more as easily as you’d install apps on your phone.

ispconfig is a wonderfull product including all the features needed. It has support for Apache and Nginx. You can have clients and resellers, you can manage mails, antivirus, antispam and in genereal all the things a hosting company or an individual needs

Ispconfig looks good but you will have conflicts with core rpm, except if you tag some nethserver-* as obsolete… I fear a mess quickly.

Maybe it could be more prudent to get your ispconfig in a vm. It is hard to go at the contrary that a product has been developed

Yes, This is correct. Ispconfig is intented to be the only software that manages the server (web server). The vm is a good idea.
If you want to have a web server management software in the same machine as nethserver, then, probably, the webmin is the best solution (having in mind that you have to disable a lot of its feature)
The most clean solution, is by far, the virtual machine.

or develop a specific authentication for users who will be allowed to use certain server-manager modules. For example the user ‘stephane’ could be allowed to create users and thus emails for a specific domain, and manage all subdomains of this domain…of course he could choose the php versions for his web site and the bandwithd needed.

That could be done but with some hours/days of work…

If you are managing lots of vrtual hosts on your server then a dedicated server with ISPConfig works really well. I run quiet a few websites and to be honest I just use CPanel an command line on a hosted server. It is easier and much, much cheaper than doing it yourself.
It is not as much fun though!

Yeah. I’m not content with ISPConfig :slight_smile: Is anyone working on something that pairs closely with NethServer, such as a NethServer extension?

you could do the same thing with