What is the most awesome module/feature for NethServer, that does not yet exist?

I’d like to create this topic to inspire modules authors.

As a user what is the most amazing module for NethServer you could imagineer?

HA, clustering or whatever can arrange kvm for giving to nethserver live migration and fail over tolerance


Interesting answer michele :smile:

-Backup of computers on the local network, backuppc could do the trick quickly

  • a pky infrastructure to manage openvpn certificates (maybe i missed it)
    -a panel to manage nfs in the shared folder
    -a panel to manage php software collection per shared folder.

Sure i need more things


That would be great a module to configure high availability will be excelent

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i’d like also testng samba 4 @giacomo :smiley:

I like this, I would like to drill down on this subject.

What it is you wish to accomplish with this module?

Looking forward to seeing what @AbsyntH get done there

From 6.6 release notes:
New page, Server certificate shows the self-signed SSL certificate and allows generating a new one, customizing also the alternative names of the server. As a consequence, changing the host name from the Server name page does not generate a new SSL certificate anymore. The same applies to the Organization contacts.

automysqlbackup, is a great script ‘that does one thing but it does it well’, backup your mysql databases…no more no less. Sometime you need to get your DB and you php files if you want to do a website migration…in this case automysqlbackup can be really helpful.

I have started to work on BackupPC, but the Module is not yet finished.

Concerning the pky infrastructure, maybe I explained badly, but I would something like that (https://sourceforge.net/projects/phpki/) to manage certificates of my openvpn clients.

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Maybe not so awesome but I would like some new feature within the administration Web interface such as:

  1. task scheduler wizard for trivial operations (shutdown, restart, copy/move/delete file(s)/folder(s) etc.)
  2. configuring include/exclude objects for backup
  3. configuring netlogon operations for samba clients
  4. configuring messages: welcome e-mail, backup report etc.

I like all these suggestions! What do you think @filippo_carletti?
Thanks guys a lot of stuff here for new developments ;-D

I moved 5 posts to a new topic: SNMP monitor on NethServer

What do you think about this? A set of configuration tests to do during the first installation/configuration or after

I’d like to be able to populate my shared folders on NethServer directly from admin Web interface.
If data are stored on an old server (Windows or Linux) or NAS or PC I’d like to be able to connect to the source to populate (copying) data to the new destination: NethServer shared folder.
Often this is a huge task and/or that need long time to complete, it could be scheduled at night time or even on the week end.

What do you think?

I ask too much if, moreover populating shared folders from admin Web interface, I could be able to populate my email accounts from the old mail server to NethServer through IMAP?

@filippo_carletti what do you think about an UI for imapsync? :grin:

I started this thread:

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I just installed Nethserver, I do like this distribution so far, but some things I think could be improved if you might listen for a moment.

  1. Is there any way to add additional hard drives via the NethServer interface? That is something I would love to see happen if its not there already. I have mine on a Dell PowerEdge 2850 thats maxxed to the gills, and I cannot access my other hard drives if i wanted to, to add them to the distribution.I could not use the premade iso and had to install using CentOs Minimal and go that route.

2.The use of SpamAssassin would be killer where it updates with the proper Domain Blacklists. if is not doing that already. That might be available in an enterprise edition?

3.The use of additional backup programs such as Bacula, Backup Pc is nice, is there plans to add anymore to the plugins as time goes on.

  1. The possibility of running Joomla as a plug in, or Elgg would be killer, then again that may take it to another place…just a thought…

  2. The idea of having plug-ins like Cacti or something like that for Snort? Something so we can see full range what the IDS is doing in real-time.

  3. The idea of running another nic, one green which is active and another one for servers that have two, this would allow one to remain internal and one external on the network when its connected so some features would be on the external connection such as Web Services Email, and IDS.

  4. The idea of running an inline honeypot as a plug-in would be wicked…

These are just ideas and a few questions posed… I know this is being developed constantly, so i would think some of this might come to fruition eventually.


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@AbsyntH is working on it! :smiley: looking forward to his howto!

Ehi Phil,
first of all, welcome aboard! A lot of proposals for a newcomer :+1:

This is in roadmap, we have wordpress yet but having joomla could be cool! Let’s start with a simple howto, what do you think?

What do you mean with proper “Domain Blacklists” could you make some examples?

@giacomo or @filippo_carletti what do you think?

@filippo_carletti is the Snort expert here, hope he can say something about this proposal :smiley:

Thank you man, really appreciated!

We are working on nethserver-BackupPC currently, I think that the module is workable, enough to be used in a real environment. The enhancements that could/should be done

  • Display directly the CGI Interface of backuppc directly in nethgui. Ok it’s just smoke and mirrors, but it’s professional. I don’t know exactly how to do it, I need some suggestions from @davidep and @giacomo
  • Add some backup script for windows client about shadow copy, but here I need power users of backuppc with a lot of experiences.

Concerning Bacula, the issue is that there is no gui, of course some are available but you need to follow security updates on your own, It is a bit annoying :frowning: . I rather prefer something like epel, and others working to maintain rpms.

I don’t know about bacula and its fork bareos (there is less gui for it), first maybe that could be cool to get a strong howto, to debug and show us the way to the nethserver module.

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Indeed, we can always follow this workflow

Hey thanks for the reply, Joomla is excellent… on the domain blacklists something with White and Blacklisting kinda what spam assassin uses…but downloadable sorta like what they have here
This one is more accurate:https://www.spamhaus.org/zen/

Adding additional hard drives to Nethserver would be killer, especially if your running arrays of some kinda so you can back up data as needed running as a mirror helps but once again, backup is very essential, thus the idea of running Bacula came into my thoughts…I know you all are working real hard and I appreciate that, I dont code or i would help out, I know security testing if you want to get me on that end im fine with that… this is the FIRST module set I have seen that shows major promise, I have tested everyone of them. This is amazing what you have done so far, tune it up a little more and its a winner in my book! I know you guys said that bacula has no interface this is true, but it can be achieved via webmin, I dont want to break the package…so i have not tried to install webmin on a different port. If you cant do it, that may be the alternative to run packages along side of this and use both as a control platform or integrate the features.

I know a lot of what CentOS uses can be ported… since i have a minimal install the question becomes, if i put what i want does it break NethServer?