What do you think about NethServer Updates Newsletter?

NethServer Updates April is OUT since a couple of weeks:

At the moment, we have 365 subscribers :wink: no bad!

I’m happy to see these statistics: 45,8% open rate, 58 clicks

What do you think about? Any suggestion to improve it?
What content do you want see on the next release? Anyone want help me to check and review the next draft?

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I’m writing next NethServer Updates! Do you like last one? Any suggestion? Do you like something more textual like this:

Hi Alessio,
Newsletter looks great, and it looks like your server is gathering quite a following in the open source world already. Nice work!

Dave Land

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Ehi Dave, proud to hear this! Yeaah we’re conquering all the known world but anyway we need you and your National forest :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

NethServer Updates June is OUT for 472 subscribers


NethServer Updates July is OUT for 533 subscribers
Do you have already read it?

NethServer Updates September is OUT for 621 subscribers

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Looks very nice!

Also, nice picture and interview @Nas :smiley:

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I like this Newsletter.
Just one observation: Why don’t you put each time the link to see the map of all the Nethserver instances in the world?

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NethServer Updates January 2016 is OUT

Good statistics this time:

  • 871 subscribers
  • 39,3 open rate
  • 10,3 click rate

Yeah, it might be a good suggestion. I wanna try it next time

I see this map as a tool… To see and try to analyze where NS is growing, and try to analyze the resson… And see where it doesn’t.

The newsletter is a tool to communicate. But try to think about what type of audience?
For me the newletter is a community tool.

So why not to put the content of this newslatter in the blog?
When the blog is another communication tool for another audience like jounalist, or IT decisioner who make vigilance on the net.

It seem that the blog is not used often.
Is the blog and the newslettes can be used for the same purpose? And the same audience?

I’m looking for a good writer for a while. I’d like to do it by myself but not time so far.

Subscribers by the main site and community members.

Maybe putting the blog in the newsletter is better.

So, you think too that the newsltteraudience and blog audience is the same ?

Basically we have no blog audience at the moment, too few posts. We have to improve it

I think the Blog and the Newsletter can spread the same information, for two differents purposes, differents audiences:

  • The newsletter is a community tools, for people who are in the community.
  • The blog, is for people who not invest time in community, or for profissionnal who don’t waste time with community,
    The blog has utility for people doing technology watch via RSS readers like IT decisionner, Sysadmin, IT informations sites ( Distrowatch, Zdnet…).

I repeat, it can be the same information, one article with become an article bloc, a Discourse subjet and a newsletter mail.

I agree, I do the same for my followed projects:

  • Very interesting: signup community/forum
  • Interesting: newsletter
  • Less interesting: rss/blog
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Blog requests a writer, we do need a good not-technical writer :smile:


Our last newsletter is OUT

Good statistics this time:

  • 1191 subscribers
  • 40,0 open rate (474)
  • 8,7 click rate (103)

January statistics:
871 subscribers
39,3 open rate
10,3 click rate

Just for the record these are Top Links clicked

Good news for @mark_nl @dz00te and @jackyes hight interest for the Raspberry Porting!

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July newsletter is OUT. Comments?