What do you think about NethServer Updates Newsletter?

Always great @alefattorini, how do i get my south african servers to register and show. :blush: I have activated phonehome, maybe i have done something wrong.

Keep the newsletter flowing…

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Systems phone home once a week. I don’t know the technical details, but I think that version 6 has problems reporting if behind a proxy. NS7 should have this already fixed.

Ah ha… my clients are all on 6.8 currently. Thanks, as soon as NS7 is out of beta. I will change them accross…
Thank you.

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Thanks man, I appreciate it. Which topics are you most interested in? Developments? News from community? Howtos and guides?

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Im not sure what other members would like, But…
yea: Development current projects and future
News from the community and maybe news about members and the community
Howto would definitly be a plus… Maybe a beginners, and then the advance. (I would love to volunteer to Steal M*@#&soft Users away and increase the NETHServer and Centos Community?)

Even Guides would be great.

Maybe a tips and Tricks section.

Maybe we could raise funds for the development and for other stuff, by offering advertising space in the newsletter.

But this is just my opinion, other people must also most probably want to see some other stuff.



Thanks for your suggestions, I’m trying to put all those things in my newsletter.
Development Updates + New Modules + Howtos + News from Community
Creating new fresh stuff like guides/howtos or tips and Tricks will definitely help!

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The last issue is OUT. Any feedback?

I didn’t know there was a news letter. How do I subscribe?

Saw a typo: Nethserver 77 (Howto section)

First of all I like the news letter.
I am busy the last month and the news letter keeps me informed.:thumbsup:

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Damn I can’t fix it after the delivery :-
Thanks for pointing it out anyway.

Weird, I should already receive it. I sent you an email at 2017-06-22 10:31 CEST
Could you check your junkmail?

Lol, it was in my junk mail.

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What do you think to find some “Linux Planet” or “Open Source software Planet” to post this newsletter in their feeds?

Edit: Until CentOs planet…

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How can I do that? Please let me know

Well, it’s not based on “Newsletter”, but on RSS Feed.
So, it’s based on blog entry.

It can be a good way to fusion this newsletter with the blog.

The next step will be to affiliate the Nethserver blog, to each desired planet, contacting each planet maintainer…:blush:

I think it worth the ( little ) work to spread Nethserver…

Edit: Improve our comunication… It’s woth a try, isn’t it?

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I can share the newsletter on our Social Network channels.
It’s hard to copy/paste the whole newsletter into a blog post, I would lose most of the formatting styles

There’s no way to publish on the Nethserver blog with a simple email?

If not, is it possible to do the opposite?
To publish on the blog and share the post blog in all social support, inclusive the newsletter…

No, as I said :slight_smile: I would lose most of the formatting styles.
Thanks for asking

What do you think about my last issue?


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This is an amazing summary of what the NethServer family made possible over the last time. Wow!

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