[10 October] What are you working on this week?

For me this week is about creating the new weekly welcoming topic, trying to organize our community hangout, reaching out personally some great newcomer and then starting to write down RC release notes!
Also not NethServer related!

What’s up in your world?

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Now, I’m eating my breakfast and checking the NS 6.8 servers on my clients… and i will start to make an application to help me manage my diabetes type 1.

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I am busy getting to know docker and cockpit. You might have seen my first steps
I started with the ‘difficult appraoch’ but with some help of @davidep I am slowly getting a bit further.
(can’t express enough how AMAZING docker combined with cockpit is).
And another ongoing project is the NethServer certification track. Every day I try to spend 1-2 hours adding content to it. If anyone is ineterested to join this effort, reply in the topic and I will gladly give more info and create an account so you can help.
I almost forget the community effort. Together with the @community_team I try to make your NethServer experience as smooth and pleasant as possible week in, week out.
So I am very busy with all kinds of things around NethServer. We absolutely can use more help, so if you think NethServer is a great product and you like the community atmosphere, step forward and join the club. It is thriving, fast paced, and above all, enjoyable.


I’m preparing our infrastructure for the final ns7 release, by separating the community services from the enterprise ones, without taking them down.


This week I have plans to migrate two old servers to one NS7. One server is for gateway, mail and samba share based on old ubuntu, second is only for seafile with big storage and based on ClearOS6.


This week I continue trying to understand v7-beta2’s internals and asking annoying questions (sorry about that :grin:).
Going to setup new development environments for x86-64,armv7 and aarch64 and make a start in porting v7-beta2 to arm. Having the “base” apps running on arm at the end of the week would be a satisfactory result.


Got my left foot/ankle injured lastweek in a basketball game. Still hurting. I’ll continue with my NS7 testing this week.

Folks, thanks for replying to my call :slight_smile: I see a challenging week for each of you! Good to know.

How many clients do you have around?
Sorry for your diabetes, which kind of app? I’m curious

@Miko10 that’s a great week! Keep us updated :slight_smile:
@mark_nl happy to see you on the ground again. We missed you, really!

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in production, 3 clients… Master / slave in same client, another in other client
Basicaly, the NS’s have AD, Fileserver, firewall and gateway and VPN server.
but i have more NS server in VM’s to test the updates and some things

The application is basically a daily measurement and use of medication. With that I know how is the evolution and control of diabetes



This week i will test NS7b2 to get the same feature as NS6.8 Create Email Separatly

And then setup a EOS Srv to monitoring our servers.

All our VM’s are setup on Proxmox VE 4.2

Uh, looks very interesting. How many server are you managing with this tool?
Which features does it offers?

Today I’m working on a new issue of our newsletter

Sorry for that man! I’d like to know your thoughts about 7, you’re a veteran here! :spy:

Be testing again nextweek and post an update. My test server has hit an error. It was with a failing HD. I’ve tried to do a mirrored HD setup…no sweat!

My initial testing revealed that while it was easy to install, I, somehow managed to get lost :smile:. It was too dead simple and those who are accustomed on installation will experience that the setup steps are geared towards newbies. Don’t get me wrong, its a compliment, it was just my thinking that led me astray…hehehe.