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NethServer is a CentOS-based Linux distribution for servers. The main feature of the product is a modular design which makes it simple to turn the distribution into a mail server and filter, web server, groupware, firewall, web filter, IPS/IDS or VPN server. It also includes a comprehensive web-based user interface that simplifies common administration tasks and enables single-click installation of several pre-configured modules. NethServer is designed primarily for small offices and medium-size enterprises. Learn More

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Today we can say welcome to a new moderator! @Stll0
He’s the first NethServer Evangelist in a public conference! Don’t believe me? Watch this video now (sorry italian only!):

Thanks Stefano to join us


Thank you @alefattorini
Hi everyone!

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Happy to see you here Stefano!


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Cool! I would prefer the presentation would be in English but well, being a Spanish-speaking person (with a strong Italian heritage) I believe I won’t have a hard time understanding your presentation :slight_smile:


Feel free to ask if you miss anything :wink:

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Hello Alessio & everybody,

thank you for the invite! I hope it will be the greatest linux project of year 2015, my users are so much in a need something like NethServer. I’m linux sysadmin at Hungary now, but I have some mini projects also, mainly for Android and lua.

Good day to you all!
Mark Gabor aka “WolfAddict” :wolf:


Hey man, welcome on NethServer! Very happy to see you here :smiley:

I hope too :slight_smile: my quote of day is:

Think Big. Start Small. Grow Fast


It’s time to welcome all of our beautiful new members to the group :smile:, though Discourse is just invite-only we’re a thriving group yet.
Welcome to @todd_firkins @Lincee @pedro_gustavo @mark @warren_midgley @WolfAddict @daniele @mane @giacomo @jobezic

So please, if you’re new here, take a minute to comment below and tell us who you are, what are you working on and what brings you to NethServer?

Bonus question: can you suggest me a way to improve your landing on this community?
I want to make it as smoothly as possibile. Is the banner enough? Is this welcome message quite clear? Please leave your comment in this topic, all suggestions are welcome :smiley:

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Yet another welcome for today to @jelle @m_farlotta @alukilogram @andrea @stefano @msx @pierre_bourdin @cristian_manoni @filippo_carletti @simonplz
Please, read the post above, it’s also for you :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I’m one of the main developer of the project.

If something goes wrong, feel free to blame me :smile:


Hi Linux men, thank you for the invitation, if you have any problem type khaled – help :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to all new guys! :smiley:


Hi all!

First of all I’m really happy to have found Nethserver. I’ve been looking for a project like this for some time. I’ll introduce myself for a bit to explain.

I live in Groningen, The Netherlands, in a former hospital build in the 1800’s. We’ve build a community here for 35 years now with about 250 people near the centre of the city. It’s called the “Oude RKZ”.
Since I first moved in I’ve always had interest in the ever growing computernetwork some people already started to build. Of course there weren’t any cables so we needed to pull them through the building and to every room. We went from about 20 people connected to a simple modem to a 500MBit fiber connection with more than 700 devices attached nowadays. It’s become quite a challange to optimze this network for so many people, but fun to do!

Back to software. Looking to where we come from and the basic ideals of many of the people here (building a community together with affordable living and a lot of social-cultural activities) we’ve always wanted to use the same principles in the digital world. We only use opensource software for all servers and services we run. People pay a small monthly fee so we are able to run a lot of great services for them including Diaspora*, ownCloud, webhosting, backups and since a month of course Nethserver! :smile: (by the way; great integration of RainLoop in ownCloud connected to the Nethserver mail backend).

One project for managing our LAN and users but which isn’t on many peoples maps is the Polish build LMS (Lan Management System; http://lms.org.pl/?lang=en) I’d like to share this project with you guys because it might be a great integration with Nethserver. We’ve used LMS for years now to manage our LAN users, their computers, finances, freeRadius, DHCP, etc, etc. It’s partly what Nethserver also does so they might mearn from one another :smile:

One thing that’s mighty important in the community I live in is that services are heritable and other people can continue work when I’ve left. I’m looking for software solutions that are easy to document and maintain so others can take over when necessary. Nethserver is the perfect project for this! I’ve never had such a great experience with any large project as Nethserver before. Thanks for all the work! I’ll try to contribute wherever I can.

About this community forum/pages; they are actually really great! It’s intuitive, friendly and easy to use. I love coming here and look around. Also great work to the people who have build it! I’ll promote Nethserver and the community wherever I can.

For reference:


This is weird but it seems quite exciting experience :smiley:

Why not add this as new feature proposal for NethServer? Adding more details you can post the idea here and
explain more technical details. How install it on NethServer? How configure? We can produce an howto in the end.

Thanks for your feedback, very helpful! :laughing:

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Hello,my name is Jan,

I’m, like Jelle above, from the Netherlands, Arnhem to be more precise :smile:

Since 2009 i have my own company, though we’re still doing everything and nothing, i’m more and more leaning towards a company specialized in Apple based small offices :wink:
In the past ive been active within the Zentyal community, but that got downhill pretty quickly :smile:

At the moment i am looking for a descent, but not overly expensive server that can be the “backbone of the network” beeing in small businesses i have no worries for multiple servers etc. All i need is one server that does it all, with an easy to backup system!

I too am glad to participate in a project like this.
Beeing an High Sensitive Person, i am more towards the looks and details, and not so much the underlying tech! (Hence my preference for Apple… Beauty and simplicity over choice in some cases!)

I like this project because it is still small, alowing me to grow along with it!
Seeing as i am not much a linux person yet, i worked with Debian in the past, but never more then home use, since my work is currently shifting towards network management (i use Ubiquiti for network hardware! Small price great products!) i need descent server software to go along with it, especially in cases where an OS X server is not the right choice!

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Glad to see so many people from the Netherlands :smiley: welcome among us!