Improve your landing on this community

Hi new people,
Can you suggest me a way to improve your landing on this community?
I want to make it as smoothly as possibile.
Is the banner enough? Is this welcome message quite clear?
Please help me sending your feedback

I’m not sure if this answer belongs here so please move it to the appropriate topic if not.

What I miss in actual page layout is a link to ‘go back’ to the main website, I would like to have a way to simply ‘click back’ to the main website.


Sure, you can simply click on NethServer Logo on the Top left

Explained in this page, see To get back to the home page

I don’t think I have any issues with the landing. I like how you can personalize the front page with what is popular to you.


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@lhprojects welcome back and thanks for the feedback!!

Done, check this