Moved from Zentyal 4,1 to NethServer release 6.6 (Final) in hours!

Hello everyone!

This is my first post! I am excited to say that I just setup my first Nethserver and I am so excited that it was so easy to work with. You can’t even begin to understand the constraints on my time and what just happen for me to even make the decision to jump on board at this time frame. Suffice to say that I work with networks, servers, computers in my everyday work. It was a no brainer to switch to Nethserver when I saw what it had to offer. The real suprise was how easy it was and it being CentOS 6.6 type distro.

So why was this such a big deal… well I came from self built Ubuntu and CentOS servers, ClearOS, and Zentyal. More recently I have been running my business server on Zentyal 3.x thru 4.1. I finally couldn’t take it anymore with Zentyal 4.1 breaking on upgrading. My server was a mess and I didn’t have the time to mess around with it… putting hour after hour fixing what Zentyal took out and it broke what I had working. I wasn’t going to try to put hours in to the http/https webserver and proxy addressing … when Zentyal basically took out all the webserver and proxy items that I needed it made me upset and it finalize my looking for another solution that would fufill my needs.

Items I use;
-File Server
-Thunderbird / Calendar
-Support Software
and much more…

Luckly someone posted in the Zentyal forums about Nethserver and I was able to checkout the demo and verify it was what I was looking for. I was already thinking of running ownCloud on Zentyal… but now I can save that project for another day and get er done now that I know that Nethserver has a module to install and get it working. I also noticed that Asterisk and Zoneminder are also in the works… someone is reading my mind.

Anywho… not to bash on Zentyal, but they are straying to far for my taste and I am not interested in playing cleanup every time I have to update my server.

You saved my day! and my servers ease of use! Looking forward to being a helper as well as a user hopefully.

Thanks guys for this wonderful project called Nethserver.



The asterisk module is stable and available for install since last year (building and selling PBXs is one of the primary activities of the company sponsoring NethServer).
Parts of the asterisk implementation is closed source, so, at the moment, the PBX module is available only for NethServer Enterprise. We are actively working on “decoupling” the closed parts, we need some weeks.


Thanks for your words, glad to read these compliments! Hope whole NSteam is reading your post :smile:
If you want to be helpful that’s a good starting point

To find out more take a look at:

About Zoneminder, there is an how to here:

Hi Filippo,

That sounds fantastic I hope the progress towards decoupling the closed parts is getting closer.