Introducing new members on community - 2 Nov 15

Happy November NethServerians!
How are you? As every Monday, I’d like to give a big warm welcome to 17 new faces, reaching 528 total members! This week we have also a new greeters group who are going to help you to feel at home!

Okay now over to you new members! Reply below and introduce yourselves!
@Lennart_Ulvonas @book_live @drafat75 @firman @dbyo46 @jospoortvliet @Appu_The_One_Raja @Flint @greenpeacerom @Spiral @chcllc @laurenc.july @Antony_Chang @Ov1 @ironsky @jldalla @telekomiker

  • Who are you?
  • What you’re working on?
  • What brings you to NethServer!
  • What interesting software do you have found lately? How you spent your free time?
  • Do you have already tested/installed NethServer? What’s your feedback?
  • If you haven’t read it yet please give a look to our Top Discussions and the Getting Started Topic

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I’m Lennart, living in Sweden.

I run my own mailserver because I think its fun, but also usefull. This is a private installation serving the closest familly. The usefull part is the abillity to create a new mailaddress from each company you register with. Like (nethserver@******.se) This way I can tell if someone is abusing the information and just as easily remove the offending address ,o)

I come from Zentyal and changed after serveral years of re-installations every time there whar an upgrade that failed. I’m getting close to one year with NetServer and have just performed my first major SUCCESSFULL upgrade ;o))

I run the server virtually on Proxmox and everything works like a charm!

I regestered to fins some more info on WebTop - I tried it and will stick with Sogo for the time beeing…




You’re Welcome Friend.

Hi @Lennart_Ulvonas. Can you tell us your settings, if you don’t mind? Have you already replaced this with NS SOGo?


Here are the installed modules. I have been running this for about a year now and find it really good and stable. I used to run SoGo with Zentyal as well and find it very good. I’m not yet so impressed with WebTop and miss a few features there. The upgrade to 6.7 went without any problems at all :grinning:



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Only one image in one post… here are the rest of the modules!

I am a Certified Public Accountant, and engage in information technology consulting with many micro and small businesses. I have used Linux for around 10 years in various scenarios professionally and personally. I like to learn new technologies, which can be leveraged various ways, in different environments. I too, learned of NethServer from the Zentyal forums. Currently I am kicking the tires with NethServer and learning the differences with CentOS, as most of my previous Linux experience was Debian/Ubuntu

Dear All
I am Laurence, from Philippines,
@Vhinz, thanks for the link
Currently working as an IT for Retail company. I registered to NS community to gain
more knowledge on linux environment and open source too. If someone will seek my
assistance i can even introduce the power of NS for small to medium size company.
I recently installed the NS via virtual box, i found out it is really powerful vs other
open source system. Hoping to learn more and have a chance to implement this system to a company. =)

Hi Laurence, welcome aboard!

our greeters are making a very good job! :smile:

Would you mind telling me how NethServer is helping you gain more knowledge?

Just added this for you and other guys from Philippines @vhinzsanchez @ironsky would you like to help us?

Ehi another guy from the US, welcome here :hand:
Would you help me with my english?

I’m curious about your landing on NethServer, what are your feelings with it? Do you have already test it out?

Which discussions/faq/doc helped you the most for your learning process? Would you mind to point them out?

I am currently testing. First I am looking at the samba file server, and Owncloud implementation, and the functions as they relate to managing those like, backup/restore, monitoring, notifications, etc.

I have not really jumped into the documentation yet, but will soon as I need to.

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Good, if you have any questions feel free to ask for help

Yes, I love too. @laurenc.july, welcome mate and if you have any question just let us know here :smile:

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Hello. I’m Flint, and I live in Scotland.
I’ve tried Ubuntu server and Owncloud but they didn’t fit my needs as a straightforward file server for home use.
Then I came across a server round-up in my favourite Linux magazine, Linux Format, and Nethserver came out on top.
So I downloaded and installed on to a spare PC.
I’m using it solely as a file server, but may try to set up as a mail server, too, when I feel more confident with my setup.
I’m also thinking about adding another hard drive and setting up a Raid system. I realise this means starting again, but it seems to me a one drive back-up system could prove counter productive in the long run.
Anyway, so far I’ve found Nethserver to be a great system for a beginner, and an intriguing prospect for furthering my computing hobby.

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Hi Ironsky and Alefattorini,
Thank you for that and for sure will ask some queries regarding NS. Thank you

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Hi, I’m Antony from Jakarta, Indonesia…I have a very good experience with Nethserver, right now I implement my own samba server for file sharing, ejabberd, and mail server. I really feel that Nethserver is the most efficient way to manage your linux server. Just add an user, and you have all services activated for that user as easy as abc.

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Ehi Antony welcome aboard! What do you do? Are you an IT professional?
Happy to know you’re enjoying NethServer :slight_smile:
How would you like to be involved in our community?