NethServer 6.7 roadmap

I also say the 6.7 Beta ISO would start with the actual 6.6 feature set. Allowed changes in the Final version:

  • default values changes
  • changes to UI appearance, behavior
  • new (documented) features, compatible with existing ones

After 6.7 Final is released, it becomes the new “rolling release” and 6.6 will not receive any update.

If I remember correctly these are the same rules applied to the 6.6 release.

Please comment!

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That’s great, can we gather a few 6.7 goals?

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My first goal is receive security updates from 6.7 upstream.

If we release 6.7 Beta immediately everyone can upgrade to it and receive security updates. We just need some tests to be sure that upgrading the base system from 6.6 to 6.7 works.

There should not be changes to services behavior during 6.7 Final development, thus I assume an upgraded production system will be stable enough if we’ll follow the usual “rolling release” process.

I expect biggest changes are applied to the ISO installer and affect only new installations.

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During 2015 we saw a lot of CVEs and fixes concerning SSL. It’s time to review the default ciphers for each daemon (httpd, dovecot, slapd…) I opened this enhancement:

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Is it the only goal for 6.7 release? No other proposals?

Shall we set a proposal deadline to move forward?

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I would like also to remove lokkit support in favor of shorewall.
Maybe we can always install shorewall as a core firewall implementation and permit to install the web UI (port forward, dual wan, etc) as a separate rpm.

Absolutely, I would like to set the deadline to the 15 of September.

What are you meaning with these two points?

Default values changes affect only new system/package installations. For instance, if a service was by default accessible from any network we can restrict the new default to be accessible only from trusted networks. The change is visible only on new installations, as the current value is retained on upgraded systems.

changes to UI appearance, behavior is self-explanatory, i think. It refers to existing modules, not new ones.

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That’s a nice upgrade already released only for 6.7:
Upgrade roundcubemail

so 6.7 is released tomorrow ?

Don’t think so, hope for the end of the September!

it is possible to upgrade Apache, PHP and SSL to be more compliant ?

Compliant with?
These are the versions for such software on Centos 6.7 and obviously on NethServer 6.7:

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:checkered_flag: Thanks to @dz00te for his great QA, all 6.7 issues are currently CLOSED/VERIFIED. As there are no new issues, we can leave the beta stage and proceed with NethServer 6.7 Release Candidate 1!