Continuing the discussion from NethServer 6.7 roadmap:

I was almost to forget it, but but I think it would be really important …
install bash-completion by default :grin:
please if not in 6.7 can you plan it for 7.0? :pray:

honestly, i’ve seen that the package is in netserver-base, so i’m just curious to know the reason why it’s not installed by default

I think something is wrong on your side:

[root@neth ~]# rpm -qa | grep bash

NS 6.6

I doubt such a package is missing from iso

IIRC I pushed that package into updates/6.6 and base/6.7 as nethserver-adagios dependency.

rpm -q --whatrequires bash-completion python-django15


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thanks for the clarification @davidep, after the message @zamboni I had come to doubt that i’ve always used corrupted/non clean VM images to make all test/QA …(in any case i will recheck tomorrow making some new images, just to be sure :grin: )

so, can you add in the default installation of 6.7? should i create a poll like for vim? :wink:

I think command line tools should not be shipped with the ISO. NethServer has a web interface, is not intended to be managed from the command line.

We could define a YUM group to install them easily from the Software Center. Something like “CLI tools”, what do you think?

Sorry but…
Are you jocking =-O?

Yes! Like it, should we discuss which tools put into? We want vim! :wink:

@zamboni yes, also if i admit that i’ve at once rechecked my latest installation from iso of a 6.7 used for a qa just to be sure the package was not present as on other vm (yeah i know that i’m a little anxious :wink: )

@davidep thanks for clarification, i understand your reasons, and you are right. The “Cli Tools” is a good idea, the only doubt is which tools include. i mean: probably in the time lot of people will ask to include lot of package, there isn’t a risk to create a too big group?
PS: can we also include htop? :laughing:

you should leave the centos’ standard tools , the others will be installed by yum