No WebServer in my Software Center

it is too much to ask a website management plugin
like a nginx manager, and or something to help to make subdir website like http[s]://nethserver/app1, http[s]://netserver/app2, etc…

Do you have ever used shared folder web access? You can do the same thing, easily.

Yep I just saw it, weirdly, my installation without error, did’nt show my all plugins NethServer Team did.
Exemple : I had MySQL but not Web in my Software Center :wink:

Please share a screenshot of your software center, installed and not installed modules. You should have a Web Server modules (apache)

yes I have Web server into Installed, but I’d reinstall too

so with your previous explanation

I just need to put stuff into /var/www/html and this is it ?

Nope, take a look at this:

precisely at this section

my bad, i always taught web access was link to webdav thanks!