Community Digest 3 - June 2015

I’d like to write a monthly recap for those who can’t follow everything happening on Community, a briefly digest about: new stuff, some statistics on community healthy, members efforts and top discussions.

Community Acknowledgments

Shout out to

Special thanks to a great NethServer Support Team: @zamboni @filippo_carletti @davidep @giacomo @mabeleira @sitz and our new entry @Nas

Community Stats

Stats of Last 30 days
New Users 55
Topics 116
Posts 1073
Likes 551
Pageviews 41,287

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Thank you. I’ll be here to support them @alefattorini :thumbsup:

I dispense hearts :heart:

@alefattorini I like you recap. Somme of the topics I didn’t see and it helps me to keep in touch.

I haven’t seen this befor in any forum. Please continue.

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Thanks man, those are just for last 30 days and obviously it’s only a recap. :smiley:
It’s not easy to follow everything, we had 200 posts just for the last 2 days :sweat_smile:

Thanks @alefattorini for the shout out!

But overall many compliments to all the members who make this community an awesome community.

You are great!