What is your Linux distribution

I’m testing currently centos7 on a dell E6510, quite fine, it looks fun…I’m Fed(ora) up … at the end I will return to Debian, let me just one month :slight_smile:

Debian win! Stable, testing or sid?

I do love stability, I just want to work : my $debian = $stable->get(‘Jessie’);

I’m on mint just beacouse i’ve no more time for sid

I use Mint, but I confess that it runs in VMbox on my Win7 desktop.

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Hi @filippo_carletti,
I finally settled for CopyQ: it probably has more feature than I’ll ever need but conversely has some goodies that the other alternatives lacks.
May be you could find it useful too!

It seems a bit overkill and the hotkeys don’t work for me.

Well yes, it’s like The Big Bertha of the clipboard managers :stuck_out_tongue:
Regarding the hotkeys they work fine here (once you’re inside the application, of course); to invoke the clipboard manager - I preload it when desktop loads - I use “copyq toggle” mapped to a shortcut.

Funny thing is that In the list I shared there’s a clipboard manager that uses dmenu and a hack to save clipboard’s contents in a text file; that would do perfectly to me if it wasn’t for one annoying bug… May be I can find some time to debug it.


I use Arch Linux and before that Ubuntu. Lots of windows and Mac too.


Hi Charlie,

you could do the inverse too
running linux as main OS and Windows into a VirtualBox
Actually, with xfreerdp you could launch one apps a time instead all the Virtual Windows

there a script exemple

-T “Windows &”
-u “$USER”

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Mint and Ubuntu are too commercial for me
I rather running Debian, even Sid than Mint and/or Ubuntu

Yeah! Manharo 15.09 XFCE. :grinning:
Centos is great. I started using it with Kaltura , years ago

However I support an academic hall with 18 iMac where I chose KXStudio as dual system.

I use Ubuntu at home. It was the OS on my personal laptop and my then 1.5 y/o son learned how to use it to play his game. :grinning: BTW, Ubuntu because of simplicity and the fact that it was widely marketed and GUI was okay (read that Mint was superior or was close to Windows GUI but I have learned to use Ubuntu since Gnome).

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Opensuse for years, now Ubuntu but with Cinnamon.

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Nethserver :clap:


i used Ubuntu to start learning myself linux and then tryed a lot distros… (drbian, Linux Mint, Fedora, CentOS and others) but i found Arch 2 years ago and i loved it… since then i’m using Arch on my machine with cinnamon desktop

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Another Arch fan? @jobezic have you read it? :smile:

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Currently, dedicated to locate Nethserver replacing Zentyal , I’m using Centos 7. Nothing really regret only my daily conversations with SELinux :smirk: lol


Right now I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for my main desktop, Centos 7 of my Nagios Server, ubuntu server 14.04 on OCS NG and linux mint 17 Xfce on laptop :slight_smile: