What is your Linux distribution

Hi All

With the coming of Debian 8, I must resist to my old deamon and stay with Fedora 21, but by the way, what is your favourite linux distro for your workstation.

Fedora +1
Having an RPM based desktop is not a requirement to develop NethServer, but helps!

I’m an Ubuntu user since the first version… 2004 but during the last years I have tried to shift to Elementary OS. Like it very much, clear, simple, not full of unuseful software pre-installed, macosx style, powered by Ubuntu LTS under the hood.
There are really active devs and designers behind it.
I’m using it daily so it’s stable, reliable, and fast also on old hardware.

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My first distro was slackware 9 / 10 …then debian…debian…and debian…now mint (i hate gnome3),some special guest appeared spotting in the way like ubuntu…gentoo…fedora and fbsd

I love this kind of topics not strictly NethServer related :wink:


Agree :frowning: it is the reason why I switched, but there is no days without regrets :slight_smile:

I’m on Fedora 22 since last ssd broke two months ago. I used ubuntu for…I don’t know how many years, but Vivid (15.04) thinks that my xps13 is a phone. I must admit that I like Fedora, even if I miss some ubuntu features (but not the dash).

The thing I miss most is an encrypted dir, I used ecryptfs on ubuntu.

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@stephdl debiandebiandebian…repeat after me ghghgh

listen! winds are whispering “debian debian debian”

What I love with Debian,

  • Stability, no 200 MB of update by weeks, Fedora is really (badly) impressive for that.
  • The easy way to migrate between versions.
  • Debian is not so outdated that people can say…thank to backports.
  • With a thousand of packagers you can fit your needs, ubuntu knows that :smile:

In brief I’m fan :slight_smile: but I wanted to save my time when I look under the hood to understand how work my workstation and my servers.


Now i’m using fedora, i used centos for a long time, but get bored because
the toys took too long to work in centos, so no i use centos for servers,
and Fedora for my desktop.

I use fedora, and i have it encripted

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Partition level encryption with lvm or a single dir with …?

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I’ve mint on my laptop at home and fedora xfce spin at work. Both with whole disk encryption :wink:

I’d simply like to encrypt a dir where I put my ssh key.

You mean the private key? Isn’t that encrypted on its own??

@stephdl loves Gnome3

I’m pretty sure it work with lvm for each fs

Not a hard core Linux user…Ubuntu 14.04 here :smile:

I still rely mostly on GUI

Debian Jessie with kde here from last summer, it’s a rock… but i’m tempted to try fedora 22 for the rpm… luckily i’ve not so much time :slight_smile: