Fedora kills video stars (aka no more video on Fedora 22)

I switched my fedora21 to 22 by fedup and rpmfusion is not opened for the ‘non-free’ section, I can’t see any more movie…until they open the good section. I searched a bit but without good solution excepted to wait.

I hate changes

No solution to advice ???

Same for me. :frowning:

shit I will need to work twice more…what about a fail2ban contrib

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Fedup, didn’t work for me, still trying to install using dvd

debian? ghghhghghg :smiling_imp:

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Nop, i hate .deb distros :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure but I read this morning that it is no more supported for F22 Redirect Notice

well update today, I can see film with mplayer and vlc