What is your Linux distribution

(Adrián Prado Castro) #61

Currently, dedicated to locate Nethserver replacing Zentyal , I’m using Centos 7. Nothing really regret only my daily conversations with SELinux :smirk: lol

(Isidro S. Lim) #62

Right now I am using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS for my main desktop, Centos 7 of my Nagios Server, ubuntu server 14.04 on OCS NG and linux mint 17 Xfce on laptop :slight_smile:

(Isidro S. Lim) #64

Btw, did anyone tried to use chaletOS? If im not mistaken this distro is based on debian too. I install it to my friends laptop and she never notice the difference from Win7 :smiley:

(Roberto Sitzia) #65

Nope, but it seems quite interesting…
Thanks for the tip @ironsky

(Adam) #66

This made me LOL. I’m running CentOS 7 at home on my hp microserver gen8. I know exactly what you mean.

Although I’m trying to change this, I’d say I’m still most fond of Ubuntu because it’s what I’m most familiar with. I still have a handful of Ubuntu Desktop VMs at the office for testing and I maintain about a dozen production Ubuntu Servers.

(Adrián Prado Castro) #67

So is the life :joy: . In my daily work support KXStudio on iMac computers for audiovisual production. I try to be compassionate to Zentyal in schools :disappointed_relieved: … but in my heart i’m Manjaro .

It’s the second time I play with CentOS. First with Kaltura MAM (CentOS 5) and now Nethserver.

CentOS always coincides with an interesting project :trophy:

(Isidro S. Lim) #68

this is for the win :smiley:

Using Open Source to create a customized Linux distribution
(Robert Moskowitz) #69

I started with Centos from day 1, moving from the original Whitehat? (so long ago, I forgot what it was called!). I moved my notebook from early Centos (perhaps 3?) to Fedora 6. Been on Fedora since then (now at 28). My Samba PDC is ClearOS6.

These days I am almost entirely armv7 for my servers. Centos-arm7 predominates. One Fedora-arm28.

I use Xfce as my DE when I can. I was introduced to Xfce with my first armv7 Fedora spin (on a Cubieboard2 with Fedora17). For my servers, I run vncserver and connect to Xfce that way when I need a GUI to manage the server (can’t do everything with SSH). A little Gnome, but I would like to eliminate it. I just don’t use it enough to be proficient with it.

(bob) #70

Mint with XFCE. (But I have some Omnios servers and [too many] windows laptops). The Mint machines “just work”.

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #71

hi robert, nice to see you around and share your experience

(Rob Bosch) #72

I used to be a long time Ubuntu user. But since about half a year now, I switched to Fedora. Currently I have Fedora 28 installed and I really like the distro.
Just 1 minor problem: with newer kernels I have this nasty bug that as soon as I drop the lid of my laptop and after that, pull it up again, Fedora reboots spontaniously. I filed a bugreport on RH bugzilla. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1592049 Unfortunately no response from the RH devs…


Long time Fedora user for desktop and Centos for server

(Dominik) #74

For a very long time for servers only CentOS and now NethServer.
For Desktop… starting from RedHat 5.0(!), then Debian, after that Slack and Ubuntu. After that for a long time CentOS 6, and now Fedora since version… 19 ? :thinking:

(Alessio Fattorini) #75

Did you try NethServer DC? I’d like to know your thoughts compared to ClearOS

Did you replace many CentOS? :smiley:

(Dominik) #76

On some CentOS servers I have only added your repo, and it worked with some tweaks :wink:
If I will have to count it should be maybe 7-8 CentOS - not so much - but since I have found NS it is my only solution for servers.
I have one NS7 on VPS which is providing e-commerce solutions and it is working for 1 year … without any problems :slight_smile:

(Alessio Fattorini) #77

That’s a good news :slightly_smiling_face:
Please, “our” repo. I/we don’t own any repo

7-8 are a good number. Congratulations :confetti_ball:

Sounds great! Which kind of software are you using?

(Dominik) #78

My mistake

PrestaShop 1.6.x and because I have SSH shell then I could add some addidtional software like iocube etc.

(Alessio Fattorini) #79

Don’t worry. It was supposed to be a joke :slight_smile:

Do you have some notes? I read your post An howto would be welcome. I’m sure that some people will help you @danb35

(Robert Moskowitz) #80

I am just getting started. I was working on replacing my ClearOS6 server with ClearOS7. I would switch from a HP SFF box pulling 80W to a Zotac pulling 20W, but I was having heating problems with the Zotac putting in a 1TB drive. And I am much more now an arm advocate. ClearOS has no clear plan for supporting arm, or at least they will not answer my question.

I was contacted by Nethserver because of my work on the Centos-arm list and that I have a working email server (though right now with Redsleeve6) on armv7. Your team has an active interest in supporting arm units. The arm board pulls 10W.

So I come check out your platform and see that you have a Samba setup. This is attractive. I will put up a server (on an armv7 board) and see if it will meet my needs.

So it is quite premature to comment/compare. I have made some posts in the development area on matters so far. I hope that this month will see me get some solid testing done. And perhaps a new Sambe PDC and a new mailserver.

(Rob Bosch) #81

I love to compare stats. I am at quite different hardware than you are.
I think my server is very decent if you consider performance vs energy.
this is my hardware:

  • Intel Xeon D1521 processor (4cores/8threads) @ 2.4GhZ
  • 16 GB ECC memory
  • 1 x 60GB SSD for cache
  • 1 x 250GB HDD for ProxMox and ‘local storage’
  • 2 x 2TB ZFS raid1 pool for storage of VM’s and CT’s
  • 2 x 8TB ZFS raid1 pool for starage of VM’s and CT’s

All this is pulling 70W with 7 VM’s running:

Most VM’s have 2GB memory(available, not necessarily using) and 32GB virtual disk, except for my “main” NS7 VM which has 6GB RAM and 900GB virtual disk.