What is your Linux distribution

Fedora is rocking on my workstation since 6 (or 7?) years!

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Ubuntu when I can, I have to use Windows a lot, most of my personal hardware is dual boot.

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I use Ubuntu 15.10 is one of my favorites. In other pc I have Elementary OS and Fedora 21

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Uh another eOS fan :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I’m happy now.

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I use elementary OS as well ever since Canonical changed directions and introduced Unity. It’s a solid distribution. Although, it’ll be better once they finish their app center in the next release.

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Happy Linux Mint user :smile: . Before, I used Slack,Ubuntu with Gnome/KDE or RedHat/Fedora but i felt that Ubuntu RH/Fedora were not ok and that Mint has taken the game to the next level and I use it ever since.
I ocasionally test other distros for fun and I’m looking forward to what Elementary OS will provide in the future.


Another Linux Mint user here…with Debian Edtion, of course :smile:
LMDE is my choice…

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I’m using Manjaro XFCE on a MacBookPro mid2010

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Uh new entry here, how do you feel with it?

I’m a Mint user for pc home, i can’t leave easy add of app source, also use Windows at Work.

Pretty cool, it’s a good fork of Arch
having a great hardware detection
i’d tried Debian Wheezy and Jessie on my Mac before and Debian was just a pain in the ass to install on Mac.

Manjaro have very slick performance and is highly configurable too.
My mom installed it by herself twice.

XFCE is barely heavier than LXDE on RAM.

You could also use the blackarch repositories on Manjaro.

One darkside; the GUI upgrade-manager;
often you need to kill pamac and upgrade over the CLI

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root and home + my external backups are encrypted with LUKS
but my VirtualMachine partition is not encrypted.

What’s a Desktop? Just kidding!

Lubuntu mainly with VMs of many others including Solaris and xBSD’s.

On Lubuntu 15.04 with current stable Kernel and Libressl on main workstation.

8 )

removed :slight_smile:

ahahah Steven, welcome on this awesome community! :slight_smile:

p.s. could you please introduce yourself here?

After many years of being an archer (~7) I’m on F21 since last December when it came out. I must admit I miss the flexibility, minimalism, clean design and overall fat-free approach of Arch Linux but to my surprise I find myself quite comfortable running Fedora. In fact it feels that’s a distro with the focus on sysadmins :slight_smile:

On my home server I run F22 Beta and at work I use CentOS/RHEL on our projects; however by corporate policy my own workstation is an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS ¬¬

Both my laptop and my NAS are Btrfs-formatted, LUKS encrypted and SELinux enabled.
My desktop everywhere consists of i3wm-gaps (a fork of i3 to show some space between tiled windows) + i3blocks (splendid status bar extender) + j4-dmenu-desktop (cool dmenu replacement) + quickswitch-i3 (bring’s Vim functionality to manage app windows, quite handy) + Compton for some eye candy + tmux (how to live without it) + Fish shell ( it’s not POSIX compliant) + Emacs <3 + nm-applet for a handy managing of my VPNs: https://i.imgur.com/0JHMVyf.png
My /etc directory, valuable ~/dot{files,directories} and some of my documents are managed with git + private repos at Bitbucket.
I need to check git-annex in depth when I have some spare time and find a good clipboard manager too…

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Please let me know when you find it.
I liked diodon on ubuntu. I’m experimenting with GPaste on Fedora, not bad, but I still can’t grasp it.

Here is a good selection: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Clipboard#List_of_clipboard_managers

I use many different ‘workstations’ here for different purposes, but I have a Mac-Pro I do most of my daily work on. I really, really like Linux Mint 17, and it’s not so resource intensive that it can’t be installed on older Windows boxes that came with XP or the dreaded Vista. :smiley: For workhorse server machines Ubuntu-server and CentOS are hard to beat.

As I fix computers and do small scale networking for a living, I like to experiment with different flavors of Linux and other OS’s.

Reliability-wise, I think my Mac-Pro tops the list. It’s a first generation Intel-based Mac (2006), and I have had almost zero problems with it in the 6 years I’ve owned it. Thanks to a ‘time-machine’ backup, I was able to restore a failed HDD a couple years ago in less than an hour, and lost none of my data. That was the one and only failure since I purchased the machine. Unfortunately, I can’t upgrade past OSX 10.6.8, since Apple in their infinite wisdom decided to make OSX Lion unavailable for upgrade anymore, and the machine is supposedly too old for anything past that. But, I’ll just keep using it till it won’t run anymore. It damn sure beats ANY version of Windows by a mile… and I was an avid Windows user until I got this machine. Now I only keep a few Windows boxes around for compatibility sake, for my customers. :wink:

Dave Land
Land Computer Service

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Did you know there is a version of Mint Linux for Mac… well the Power PC’s anyway? I have a MacBook G4 with MintPPC 9.2 on it. I don’t know if they’re still updating it though. I don’t use that machine too much. :slight_smile: