We Are NethServer - Community Overview - Nov 16

I’m used to writing a monthly recap for those who can’t follow everything happening on Community, it would be a briefly digest about new stuff, some statistics on community healthy, members efforts and top discussions. This time I choose to change the name, adding more stats and details about the efforts done by community members.

##Community Engagement
Folks, this is a big moment and a milestone in our story as community. We’re growing at a pace like never before. :chart_with_upwards_trend:
Please look at these statistics and well, the trend is clear.

Remind, community belongs to all of us. We’re NethServer

Active members

How many of our members have made a post in the past 28 days?
This is one of the best indicators of community health. A rising number is a sign that more and more people feel compelled to contribute.


We had 111 posts/topics just yesterday and 2.1k post in the last 30 days +46% compared to the last month, that’s a huge engagement. Look at the trend!

Montly Active Topics

The number of active topics shows you if your community has a narrow or broad engagement.
Since August we have more than doubled our active topics.

New participants

How many people contributed for the first time? 40 in October, best result ever.



We have new real evangelists out there:

  • Our great community friend @robb is going to hold a talk about NethServer at T-DOSE - Eindhoven in November!
  • One of the main NethServer developers @davidep talked at #Linuxiana - Italian Linux Day 2016 on Oct 22nd Modena (Italy)
  • in Bergamo we had another talk NethServer related, the speaker this time is @syntaxerrormmm with his BGlug team!

More info there

New feature discussions

Development and testing

#HowTo, Docs and Tutorial

#Community Discussions


Top Members of Last 30 days sorted by likes

Thanks to all of you


These stats are absolutely AMAZING and we may all give us a huge pat on the back for doing this. As Alessio already mentioned: WE did this together!
It just makes me proud being part of this great community.


Kudos to everyone who’s helping to reach this goal :slight_smile:


Wow!!! This community is really active and its members are amazing!
And all this is done by people inspired by the open source principle and not driven by money.
All the time and all the effort everyone is investing in this project! My greatest respect for all of you. :heart: