Sogo 3.x.x released in nethforge-testing

happy testing

yum install nethserver-sogo --enablerepo=nethforge-testing

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got the Message: Package nethserver-sogo-1.6.2-1.ns7.noarch already installed and latest version
Nothing to do when i try it. I am on Revision 3.24.

Also have the Problem that i am not able to send Messages outside the local Domain cause sogo use the internal domain as sender adress. in sogo i had set external domain as sender domain.

Never try testing on your real server, virtualbox is your friend. This version of sogo solves your issue

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But i am not able to update, it says i have the last Version.

Try with this command:

yum --enablerepo=nethforge-testing update

(Tested, it works :wink: )


This post is not relevant only for you hucky, but each guy who is willing to help, should get a bunch of vm with a bridged network that you can clone, start and drop once the tests are finished.

It is important to get developers, but they are nothing without motivated testers


sorry, my answer was not complete, i lost the information that i was at 3.24. sorry

Hi Stephdl

I was able to test the 3.2.6a upgrade. My initial setup= NS 7.3RC / sogo 3.2.4

  1. This installed nethserver-sogo-1.6.2-1.ns7.noarch, which is still 3.2.4

yum install nethserver-sogo --enablerepo=nethforge-testing

2. Then this command was able to update to sogo 3.2.6a

yum --enablerepo=nethforge-testing update sope sogo*

rpm -q sogo

But but…

GUI still shows 3.2.4 !!!

systemctl httpd restart

GUI still show 3.2.4 !!!

Reboot NS!!!

Now gui displays 3.2.6a :slight_smile:

Seems NS reboot is necessary (It was same experience when upgrading to 3.2.4)

Can now drag and drop mails to any folder


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At my side it is enough to restart the Sogo service.


Oh ya !!! Didnt even remember that there is a sogo service !!!

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Updated from 3.2.4 to 3.2.6a withoout problems. Only had to restart sogod.
Thanks @stephdl for that!! :heart_eyes:

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I would know if you have no problems with sogo, somehow we could release.


At this time we only use the calendar. The installation with

yum --enablerepo=nethforge-testing update

runs quiet good, more results later.


here SOGo 3.2.6a works like a lame duck. If i want to switch from Mail to Calendar or Adressbook, i must wait 30 seconds or longer for reaction. I cant believe that this is normal.

My Hardware: Fujitsu TX100S1 with 8 GB RAM



Nothing related in log when your server is waiting after sogo ?

what is the load of your server, what are the bad processes, use htop

i also use Sogo 3.26a for a week now and have no problems. Only the Mailadress for sending emails was a problem when sending emails from an activesync device or outlook. i fixed that with a workaround for postfix.

Ok can you write some documentations, we should start a community page on the wiki for SOGo. Really your help is appreciated.


and a big sorry for the late answer. There was nothing in message log and also nothing in sogo log.
I have moved SOGo from the system yesterday. Now roundcube is running and it works good for me.



Hi @hucky we need to know what you fixed and How ?
thank in advance.

I can’t confirm this. My SOGo is working good on a VM in NS6.8 with only 4 GB on a TX100S3.
Switch from calendar to addressbook within a second.

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