We Are NethServer - Community Overview - Feb 17

I’m used to writing a monthly recap for those who can’t follow everything happening on Community, it would be a briefly digest about new stuff, some statistics on community and project healthy, members efforts and top discussions.

##Community Engagement
Folks, this is a big moment and a milestone in our story as community. Once again after October We’re growing at a pace like never before. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Please look at these statistics and well, the trend is clear.

Remind, community belongs to all of us. We’re NethServer

NethServer 7 stats


10k Downloads in just 7 days. Today 23 Feb we have 13k downloads

Sessions on the main site (www.nethserver.org)

So much attention for our release, like never before.

Look at the soaring compared to the previous period of 2 years

Active members

How many of our members have made a post in the past 28 days?
This is one of the best indicators of community health. A rising number is a sign that more and more people feel compelled to contribute.
Look at the comparison with our big growth in October


2.3k post in the last 30 days +54% compared to the last month, that’s a huge engagement. Look at the trend!

New signup

How many people signed up? 137 in the last 2 weeks, best result ever.

How many different users logged each month?

444 different users are a lot, look at the soaring once again.



New feature discussions

Development and testing

#HowTo, Docs and Tutorial

#Community Discussions


Top Members of Last 30 days sorted by likes

I highlighted emerging new faces

Thanks to all of you


[quote=“alefattorini, post:1, topic:5959”]
Shoutout to @apradoc @vhinzsanchez for becoming …[/quote]

It was not easy to assume that inevitable absence. And it was very similar to living incomplete.

Thank you very much for the acknowledgment, brother :v:

Here we are again :star:


Happy to see you still hanging around brother… :heart:

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Same here. Just here, contributing whenever I can.