So, what are you working on? - 5 March 2018

Ehi NethServerians,
we’re kicking off a new week and a lot of new things happened :sparkles: in our community over the last period, that’s a short list:

In addition, as every week It’s time to welcome all of our fancy new members! :baby::baby:

47 new members over the last 2 weeks

Make yourselves at home and consider this your safe space for any questions you have related to NethServer or IT professionals. This is an incredible supportive and understanding community. We’re all here to help each other. :handshake:

So what specifically are you working on at the moment? Are you setting up a new NethServer installation? Some great testing ? Do you work for a brand, or do you freelance? Is there a problem that you’re here hoping to solve? :man_pilot:

Tagging some veterans that are hanging around @alfred @fausp @kurtes25 @andy @Robaq @bwdjames @GG_jr @rolf
What’s on your plate? :plate_with_cutlery:



Stuck on work-related activities.

I was going to test NethServer in an Amazon Web Services AutoScaling environment however I have had to put that on the back burner while I deal with higher priority issues.

Also going through some of the Nethserver postings relating to Governance.


just trying to install NethServer on ZOTAC ZBOX CI327 NANO with a lot of trouble. :worried:

I hope, I will find a way to…

But its a great community with lot of support!



I’m currently working on a quite interesting project.
I’m trying to build a nethserver based vpn solution on ovh vps.

The purpose is to allow me to connect to my office which is hidden behind a T-Mobile NAT.
So my office’s nethserver and I will act as clients and vps will act as vpn master server.

Unfortunately I’m lacking some linux knowledge and can’t make it to work.

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We can help with that, please open a new topic and provide us more details

You bet! Amazing people around

I am using Nethserver’s mostly as a OpenVPN server. Our company has road warriors that come and go so we needed a way for them to connect easily and also a way to revoke easily. We will probably explore how to use Nethserver for a couple of other uses.

Another note to the Capote I am also using the Zotac Zbox CI327 Nano, however I am using Proxmox as the main system on it and I have installed Nethserver as a VM. This seems to be working well, I have only had a couple of simultaneous OpenVPN connections but they run well and do not seem to really task the VM. This could be an option for your installation.

We came to look at using Nethserver because it is opensource and community-backed which is favorable due to both price and also accessibility. I have found that sometimes when we have used support at other companies one of our team members will usually waste a half hour doing the standard steps of, please shutdown, please restart, please turn off again and leave turned off for 1 minute kind of steps, which then gets us back right to where we started. With the community approach sometimes the answer is not instant but people who are willing to help out see the error text, and can read the steps that have already been performed.

Oh well, good job and thank you to the people who work on Nethsever, it is a nice polished product and the community you are maintaining is great.

Thank you.


Dual RED setup incoming for a NethServer-based little box, to ease an ISP upgrade without downtime for a groupware server.
If everythings come as prevised, will be operative at the end of the month.

Thank you Alessio. I did create it in the support section.

Do you mean that you feel our community support better than other companies support?
That’s a great compliment.

I would say that is probably about equal as some other paid support I have tried to use. I am sure the paid support that you offer is pretty good also but with my small installation needs, I doubt I will need to use it.

I will also add the willingness to help instead of just making people feel dumb also adds to the community spirit and probably helps to encourage people to contribute back.

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Thanks for that. That’s specifically the aim and the culture that we live here every single day. I am happy that you noticed it

I am using NethServer as a project outreach and hope that it takes hold and becomes a product. The domain and mission has been established though not yet published. (IT-H, Intelligent Technology for Humanity) It’s goal is to provide a means to educate people from all walks of life in how to use technology in a productive manner.

The end goal is to have multiple resources for people that helps them to be successful and ad-free. Whether people are using WordPress and Mahara jointly to help find work, or volunteers creating classes in Moodle for people to take. If a person needed a VM to learn new skills then NethServer would be used to help manage those VM’s for the people signed up.

Hopefully in the far future a altcoin would be put into circulation and businesses would participate with it to help people get a basic laptop / computer and be a form of payment to the all the people helping make it happen.

A long, long ways to go, with this at the 30,000 ft view.

Hi to all and many congrats for this project!
I’ve started as MSWin admin, but now my big intention is to replace as many win services with linux ones wherever possible.
This is my first post and I would like to share my scenario and discuss it’s feasabilty whit you.
So, my big client has one central location and several remote ones. We all agree that there is no adequate replacement for every piece of Win mosaic, but as someone has mentioned , not every part of MS services/fetaures are used by clients (and for many of them the clients (even admins :slight_smile: are not avare of) . So with linux offer (i.e. NS) we can reach kind’a “high score”. At this client of mine all crucial Win apps and services are hosted on central location and there is MS-AD/TS/SQL unavoidable and reachable through site-to-site vpn from remote locations. But, on remote locations only filesharing service is needed and at the moment there is still old w2003 server hosting AD and File/Print sharing. Since we must migrate to w2012 on central location and have to leave w2003(EOL) generation on remote locations, I’m loking for MS replacement for remote location. I’ve installed NS in my lab and tried some scenarios but as far I know , NS server cannot act as additional DC , what is very important in this scenario. Am I right ? So it seems that NS can act only as remote fileserver , joined to the MSAD domain , which is also very useful if interlocation links are enough fast.
So the main question would be whteher NS can play RemoteDC role ?

Many thanks in advance for your answer
Till then
Best regards

Hi @tonci,

You are right, NS can join as member but not as DC.

That’s a good plan! Keep us updated :smiley: :computer: :computer::computer:
Many people did the same with good results!

What do you mean with “I hope it becomes a product”? What are we missing for you?

NS7 isn’t missing anything that I know of. The project itself needs to grow and become a product / business. So I have to build a community that wants to participate in the vision as I have outlined here. NethServer isn’t lacking anything, the rest has to do with the people that helps make the site and its services successful.

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It’s already ready for business :slight_smile: ->

Would you like to be part of those people and help us make NethServer successful? We’re ready to welcome you.

Ok thanks :disappointed_relieved: :slight_smile: , so we have no solution to migrate actual MS-AD to neth samba4 one ? We actually have to build new users AD base , remove computers from actual MSdomain and join them to NethS-Samba4 domain and after that migrate users profiles from old domain to new one ?
I see this unofficial link:
So this shows us it is possible to become additional dc , but is it possible (and how) to take over all FSMO roles in case we want to get rid of old MS DC ? I do not need MSDC at all if I have nethDC but want somehow to preserve original MSAD …
Thanks in advance for your answer