Reorganize teams

The support team is well structured and active. It is building our community of Nethserverians :wink:

Why other teams aren’t so successful?

Why mrmarkuz or mark_nl aren’t members of Dev team too?

How one become member of docs_team? Who are the coordinators?


For other groups we miss:

  • rules to be accepted into the group. Example: having at least a set of badges based on your commitment
  • specific goals of the group. Helping people following our rukes and earn “solved topics”
  • active coordinator (or more than one) that suggest people and lead the group. In this case being on the front line supporting people
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Can we use the “solved” concept also for topics in #bug and #feature categories? They can count to become members of Dev Team, for instance…

Does discourse provide other ways to assign badges semi-automatically?

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For the support team group I think we miss formerly agreeing with a simplified decision making process and publishing it on this first post with the recommendations for the new support team members. Publishing them will ease the whole process. We are almost there.

If helps, I track badges through RSS feed.

A generic approach to maintain any group, would be to periodically (yearly, per semester…) do a meeting to evaluate organization, do cleanups, update wiki, et cetera. For instance a roundtable in NethServer conference where non-assistants could also collaborate online.


Agree. We should setup:

  • a post for every group like this
  • choose a coordinator.
  • guidelines to be accepted and stay into the group

@davidep would you like to re-structure the dev group?

That’s a smart way to to scale our community and involve new contributors.

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Do you mean a topic?

Yes, I modified the post

Just shared this discussion in public. Let’s try to scale our community!

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Ok, I’m waiting for OpenHub stats to come back to see if it can help to track NethServer contributors/developers. Should be a matter of hours now…

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Nice try but I can’t still see anything

The stats are available again, however they can’t be the only metric to decide who can join the dev team. Past contributions are important, but not a requirement.

What is important to be a dev team member IMO:

  • goal (develop and maintain module, validate bugs, implement issues solution…)
  • availability, willingness (occasional, periodic, continuous…)

I’d measure them both with code commits and activity on this community forum. I belive the #development category should become the place where development discussions and decisions occur.

I’m striving to put the decision process on this forum as much as possible, though I’ve been a bit busy on the upgrade tool development and extra-community activities in the last weeks.

During yesterday’s hangout I promised @mark_nl to be more responsive about development issues and I asked him to poke me as needed.

What do you think?

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Which are the guidelines to be accepted and stay into the group? Having at least a PR accepted?

  • Beginner developed at least 1 PR accepted
  • Mantainer developed at least 1 module
  • Dev - how many commits?
  • Core Dev

We can use badges :wink:

I guess something like that, but past experience is not a strict requirement IMO. Personal goals and offered time are important too…

As said, I’d like to find a couple of team coordinators, like @dnutan and @mrmarkuz did with the support team. Then they’ll propose the criteria and come to a consensus here.

Coordinators are like mini-community-managers, and should help other developers to get in touch with each other to achieve their personal goals and the community goals.

For me the willingness is the most important, the need inside you to do something for others … or just to satisfy yourself :smiley:

I would love a co-optation like for the ambassador group…do not set a limit, just propose and vote for people.

Agree. For now you can be that mini-cmgr and find a helper along the way

Good idea. List some dev people and ask for more

  • mini PR
  • simple modules
  • check and review code
    Find some people and ask them specific things or list some tasks to do
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Would you like to be co-optated with me? :smile:

Let’s get dev_team and start it again!

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Dev Team

Current Members

We can set up a new group called @dev_padawan


Potential members


Anyone else to coopt @davidep ? I can’t found all the PRs suggested

List of tasks to achieve


I don’t like the idea of another group. I think that anyone who’s maintaining a project or a package for NethServer, or would like to create something new can be a member of dev_team.

As there are dependencies between our code lines, we need a place where to meet together. We are the dev_team and the #development category is that place, IMO.

There we can discuss about the development process, how the things work, can be developed further and of course, learn something new.

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Yep I agree…you are IN because you deserve it…no other group please

You’re talking like a leader :slight_smile:

Good, those are the requirements.
Who’s just submitted a PR is able to join the @dev_team ?

Would you like to join the team?

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