NethServer Support Team!

(Alessio Fattorini) #1

Every single day I see a lot of people spending much time helping newcomers out here in the community

I am always very proud of that because the #humanfactor is an important “feature” of our community and we always try to stay focused on the quality of help, rather than quantity.
I can say that we have kind and supportive people that help the person first, not just solving a problem. :kissing_heart:

Said that, I’d like to build a small group of guys that showed a specific charisma with @mrmarkuz and @dnutan
I collected a list of people basing on specific criteria, achieving at least one of our silver+gold support badges

People who have already achieved this badge :point_down: is already on the right track towards joining such group

@dnutan and @mrmarkuz have accepted to be the group owners and they periodically will check the badges adding people to the group.
They will lead the group and get your back! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

(Marc) #2

Congrats @saitobenkei, you have achieved the Tech Support badge and have been included as member of the Support Team Group. :sunglasses:
Keep it up, mate!

(Marc) #3

@danb35 by helping other members with your answers you’ve achieved Tech Support badge. Would you like also to join the Support Team?

(Dan) #4

Sure, I’ll do what I can.

(Alessio Fattorini) #5

Amazing job so far @danb35 welcome aboard that super team :muscle:

(Rob Bosch) #6

@danb35, Welcome to the team. Your help is greatly appreciated! I hope you feel at home in this amzing community and keep helping our members for a long long time to come.

(Marc) #7

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