Building the Development team

Development team

Our community is reorganizing the teams! Following the path of the support team Stephane and I proposed ourselves as dev_team coordinators. We are not taking decisions, we are helping people to keep in touch while doing our preferred job: write code :blush:

This is our proposal, based on the structure of the quality_team description – thanks @dz00te!

What do you think?


The dev_team profile was updated: now you can read the information directly on the group page!

The dev_team members have the “gears” icon on their avatars:


Following the @dnutan’s proposal we’re going to periodically check the membership status, maybe every 6 months or 1 year to verify if the group goals are still there:

Another proposal is to see our faces in a video conference, like we did with the Community Hangouts.

What do you think?


Excellent effort!
Let’s hope the team will grow fast :wink:

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