srpm are available
and source

The purpose is to manage the ddclient service and update your dyndns when necessary

yum install

you have a bundle of some dyndns providers, some are free, other are non free. If you think that more providers could be added, please provide the dydns configuration (GG is your friend)


This is a good implementation of the ddclient service, but I am using Freedns ( as a provider.
Could this provider be added to the module?

add the configuration of ddclient please

Impressive! I love this french man! Ahaha :+1:

accordingly the documentation, it seems that it is needed dd-client-3.8 and of course dag provide only the ddclient-3.7.3-2 :slight_smile:

I have 2 sample configurations for Freedns - copied from

I am using a configuration similar to sample #1

Sample #1
syslog=no # log update msgs to syslog
mail=root # mail all msgs to root
mail-failure=root # mail failed update msgs to root
pid=/var/run/ # record PID in file.
ssl=yes # use ssl-support. Works with ssl-library
use=if, if=eth0

Sample #2
use=your_router #If supported, can be listed with ddclient --help

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here I use the ‘web’ to retrieve the external IP, a service like

Does is it workable with free dns ???

I don’t beleive that FreeDNS refers to a IP address but instead refers to the username / login and (sub)domain name (see above sample configuration)

above the ethernet NIC eth0 is used to retrieve the external IP

above the router is used to retrieve the external IP

I can be wrong but the service needs a reference to find the external IP, for commodity I use an external website, but you can choose between several others

A new version is available, the FreeDNS should be tested
I don’t have account.

Now the dynamic hosts get their own database.


Ehi @medworthy what more could you ask for? :+1:

Yep, it worked like a dream, just checked nslookup and everything is correct. I have not used any mx records (I have yet to set up a mail server).


Hey Guys!

Question, it is possible with the DDNS module set up a plain-provider in which you can enter the server and returns the string with placeholders itself.

I am in a small provider is not listed. (

That would be great!


Sorry I don’t understand your question, please can you reformulate.

Concerning can you provide the configuration of ddclient

Well my idea is that for vendors that are not listed a kind of free-text input power, so the server indicates manuel and the module enters ddclient.conf this accordingly in the.
User name and password and the domain you wear so well accordingly, still missing the protocol and the server where you registered with.

Here the pattern contents of a ddclient.conf would be with the data of


Agree, probably it is not a huge think to do

thanks, I will add it


New version available, see first comment.

Your provider dyndnsfree is now available, with free custom field if your want another provider.

It is not a satisfy solution to provide custom fields since some providers are different and use not standard settings, but that can help.

I wonder if someone needs wildcard settings with their providers ? Personally I use dyndns and I have it enabled for my personal use, but if you need it we can imagine a setting with a checkbox.

The coding weekend is over, I worked yesterday, and I go now to see another customer

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Great work man! Looking forward to trying it tomorrow!

Ehi @davide_marini give a try at this module and let us know your feelings :wink:

Thank you!

The free entry you have created so quickly is awesome simple and effective.

And thank you to my DynDNS provider also incorporated’ve got!

Thanks again,

many greetings

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