DDClient works or not

**NethServer Version:7.2 RC1

Good Morning to everyone,
i have a Question about the DDClient. I got an Email with:

WARNING: TIMEOUT: checkip.dyndns.org after 120 seconds

I guess it is from the DDClient Module where the Service is checking. it checks at dyndns.org but i use a different service and this service is not in the List. So i am curios if the Client is working or not.

Try to resolve your hostname and you will know it :wink:

From the shell:

dig <yourhost> @

that was not the question, i got this error mail and would like to know if there is a possibility t change the host where the client ask or check the ip adress. my provider dont change often the ip adresses, so yes, the hostname is resolved

I think @stephdl and @dz00te can help you.

@hucky Unless I’m missing something, or the service has changed for V7, this page lets you select the provider to check your IP:

There are 5 different services (on my system) that you can use.


Hey Eddie, thanks for your answer and yes, that is the service what ( i guess) checks the connection of the ddclient. and i want to know, if it is possible to change it to my provider for dyndns, i work for years with a small secure provider and won’t change :slight_smile: Have a great day


I’ve not tested this but you can try:

Get the current service used to check IPs (just in case something goes bonkers :head_bandage: ; it shouldn’t thou):

db configuration getprop ddclient urlcheckip

Replace it with your prefered one:

db configuration setprop ddclient urlcheckip YOURURL
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Well in fact you have two things to take in consideration.

  1. the dyndns provider which needs to be hard coded in my module, or tested in the custom fields
  2. the provider to check what is your external IP.

The second one can be used independently of your dyndsn provider…no matter you check your external IP with dyndns if you use NOIP

I know that dyndns.org got a ddos attack recently, the url http://checkip.dyndns.org/ answers now


It Might be a inception of another topic but

Did you know you could use your own domain name to make your own DynDNS ?

I found few with who you could do it

  • namecheap offer it for free through DDClient
  • obviously Route53 and compatible DNSService like exoscale

But the easiest way I found is with dns.he.net
it’s a curl into a cron

curl -4 "http://dyn.example.com:password@dyn.dns.he.net/nic/update?hostname=dyn.example.com"

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