A-la DynDNS service

Is there any way to create a service like DynDNS where any one can register and add/monitor hosts which is connected to the internet (most probably behind a router) via a line which has dynamically assigned IP address (given by the ISP)? What we require is to use our own domain name for this and customers will be using registering their devices (purchased from us).

Not necessarily NethServer feature but do you guys know of such service which we can incorporate into perhaps our site which they (our agent or customer) can register, add and manage the hosts/IP address using our domain (ourdomain.com not like dyndns.org)?

DDclient supports a lot of provider, did you check the list? I guess you have to pay for that

nsupdate.info (on github, on readthedocs)


So I was looking for a while and found some alternatives but for lack of time and I have not tried yet in NethServer.

The following link I found it in Spanish

Thanks guys! Sure to check them out.

@jgjimenezs, this is where Google Translate kicks in :smile: