NethServer Ambassadors Group

A few weeks ago we decided to build a group of people with a very specific goal: be the engine of our community

We called it NethServer Ambassadors

Why create an Ambassador group like this?

For us, being the engine means:

  • set a high bar and nurture a culture, sharing a vision, mission, and values (be inclusive, no RTFM, be welcoming)
  • keep people active -> More engagement -> More feedback -> Thriving community and great product
  • share our knowledge, teach and help others. Each of these experts is an expert in something related to the community or product. We’re convinced that teaching, mentoring and helping we can attract and training valuable contributors!

How should the Ambassador group act?

Every ambassador is accountable for something and with a specific commitment like:

  • check testing packages and coordinate quality_team @dz00te
  • be sure that every support topic have an answer or be properly resolved @enzoturri
  • check categorization, topic name and correct tags @dnutan
  • welcome new members and training course @robb
  • others

How is the group made up?

All Ambassadors are recognized as very active members: regulars or gold members


How does the Ambassadors group communicate?

We have created a place where we can freely also go off-topic, strengthening the links between us and chatting in real-time.
The key is getting to know each other and helping each other to set the bar and the culture.
We choose Slack: easy, mobile-friendly and particularly suited to the teamwork.

Why a private group?

We’re open guys you know it, but sometimes keeping the discussions private is better. We don’t want to keep any secret, absolutely! After a few interactions we often move our idea/discussions in public
But you know, sometimes have a small group is better and is more effective

Is it a permanent group?

Yes. The group is permamente

Ambassadors serve one-year minimum commitments. At the conclusion of their respective terms, ambassadors will discuss plans to renew or complete their commitments.

How can I join the group?

Become heavily active, create great contributions and probably you will be able to join the group pretty soon. Just bear in mind that the quality bar of the Ambassador conduct is very high.

NethServer Ambassador Code of Conduct

A set of social norms and rules that every ambassador undertakes to respect

Lead by Example

  • Be humble. Be helpful. Be supportive. Show respect and empathy with everyone.
  • As a NethServer Ambassador we are expected to be a peer mentor. We are not better or worse than anyone else. Help people overcome problems by sharing positive examples.
  • We represent the NethServer Ambassador and conduct ourselves accordingly.
  • Own the right to be the voice of the community by being more active than most.


  • It is the spark that ignites the people around us.
  • Share the love.
  • Constructive in Our Criticisms
  • Criticism should be fact-based and objective - not subjective.
  • We use the private NethServer Ambassadors space to socialize our views. We gain insights and can strengthen our case.
  • With criticism comes suggestions for practical solutions.

Be Humble

  • No culture of entitlement
  • Don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • No patronizing (treat someone like a little kid, speak to or behave towards someone as if they are stupid or not important)
  • We are the voice of the community. Be active to know what it is

Be inclusive

  • Get out and talk to people!
  • Share experiences.
  • Respect opinions of others.
  • Make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Create a space of emotional safety

Full of Gratitude

  • By giving thanks and acknowledging fellow community members for their contributions and their general awesomeness, we set a standard of gratitude and recognition for the community at large.


  • Be Cheerful
  • You’re not less professional if you are playful
  • Playfulness is not a requirement to become a NethServer Ambassador, but you have to be OK with other NethServer Ambassador being playful

Thank you for making this public. It is good to know for anyone who to go to when a specific topic needs to get addressed. Of course, anyone still can start a discussion on our forums. Be it a technical question or community related.
But it will help when anyone knows who are the members that put that extra effort in our community. We, the members in the ambassador group, are able to give a topic an extra push so it gets the attention of all of us.
We all are available for direct questions, especially questions about the community.
Know that we do not make the rules: the community, including YOU make the rules.
we do think about how the community should function. As said, we talk a lot about that in our chatgroup on Slack. We also publish our thoughts here so every member can voice his or her opinion.

Personally I am very happy this group was created. IMO this is a sign of a community that is maturing. We all will do our best to make our community better and this way help the NethServer project become better.


It is a pleasure fills me with pride to the announcement, this community will nethserver the best in the world.

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I think we could say, brother @jgjimenezs , paraphrasing the Great Lucho Gatica, that this community has a “do not know what” that encourages us “I do not know how.”

You know? :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nethserver “tiene un no sé qué de bendición”

(Final line of the third stanza. Waltz Amémonos, Let us love* by Chilean Lucho Gatica)

The only similar translation I got from that phrase is this:

###nethserver have an indescribable blessing.

*Beautiful waltz with lyrics by Mexican Manuel M. Flores. Music prolific Argentine writer Carlos Montbrun Ocampo, played excellently by the Chileans, Lucho Gatica (voice) and Humberto Campos, with his fabulous Spanish guitars.

I think you can translate with " has a some kind of blessing" :slight_smile:


Sincerely I when into a lot of project over 20 years
this community is the awesomeness I found :slight_smile:


Thanks man I can say it :wink: happy to see you still around!
You are free to make this awesomeness more awesome :slight_smile:

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Our three ambassadors @dnutan @enzoturri and @stephdl are doing a great job here with:

  • topic categories
  • tags
  • re-word topics
  • be sure that all discussions get at least an answer
  • be sure that all support discussions get resolved

That’s why from today they are community moderators:
Shoutout guys! :clap:


Gratz guys. @dnutan @enzoturri @stephdl , welcome to the T.E.A.M. : Together Everyone Achieves More


After having discussed it with other Ambassadors, I very happy to add @m.traeumner to the @ambassadors_group.
We have been following his activity here for a while, his contributions to project and community are remarkable as well as he shows to fit the NethServer Culture and Ambassador role.
Thanks Michael, you really deserve it. And it’s time to choose a great avatar! :slight_smile:


Congrats Michael… I am convinced you will be a great addition for the team and the community! Keep up the good work.


Congrats to Michael! You deserved it!! :medal: :thumbsup:


Hi michael, thank for your involvement

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Thanks to you for your confidence

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I’m so happy to welcome @mrmarkuz in the Ambassador Group.
He doesn’t need any introduction, his work speaks for itself. Check his profile :slight_smile:


Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the people whose blood, sweat, and tears went into one goal: making our NethServer community one of the best in the Open Source space.

I speaking about @federico.ballarini @Andy_Wismer and @mark_nl
The @ambassadors_group has evaluated their names and accepted to the group

Check their profiles to understand how much effort they devoted to the community




Welcome to the club guys. So happy you accepted the proposal becomming an Ambassador for our great community.
Lets make it even beter.