Volunteers needed for welcome committee

I’ve been thinking about this. Every week, I post the new member introduction and what are you working thread in this community. I’d love to explore the idea of an official “welcome” committee to help make every new member feel extra welcome here :slight_smile:
The commitment would be to jump in every Monday, and respond to new members who introduce themselves, making them feel welcome and helping them with their questions.
Would you be interested in being part of the welcome committee? Comment here.

Additional questions:

  • What can we do to make this work well, and hold everyone accountable so that we don’t just default to “someone else will do it”?
  • What about welcome commitee members share what they are working on, for first?
  • What about a specific week assigned? Having to welcome x people every week probably isn’t sustainable for anyone, but doing it one day a (month) could be.
  • Should there be a specific ask, like “welcome 3 people”?

One idea: I can mention every week the commitee so members know they should participate :slight_smile:

Come on, I would love your guidance too! @ambassadors_group


I like the idea of a “welcoming committee” that would make themselves available to answer or refer questions to other threads, as well as finding more information about newcomers (ie. find out why these people have come to this forum, what sort of technical / administration experience these people already possess and to generally make them feel welcomed etc.).

I am interested in other people thoughts about this idea and how this idea would be implemented in practice.


Thanks for your help, you know what I mean that’s the goal indeed. I don’t wanna be the only face of the NethServer Community for New comers, there are a lot of beautiful faces here :wink:

I love the idea and normally I would normally volunteer, my problem at the moment is time - I don’t have enough of it and when I do have the time, its very unpredictable as to how much and when

Don’t worry. I’ll mention you, if you have time please jump in :wink:

Thanks @alefattorini, I’ll definitely jump in as and help when possible.


I just joined recently and i must say its a very fast responding community.
Very glad to have chosen to test Nethserver.
Fast responses and quick resolution updates new features , etc,
Will be sticking with it :slight_smile:

Happy to hear that. That’s one of our main goals here and it’s at the heart of our culture.

Would you like to help us welcome new people?