My son was born Aaron Emanuel

Do not worry friend.

my son will be born today.

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Already my son was born Aaron Emanuel


Felicitaciones, bienvenido al club de los papis!!!

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Gracias @mabeleira :baby:

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Complimenti papà @jgjimenezs …but also to the mom!

A big welcome kiss to Aaron Emanuel! :smiley:

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@jgjimenezs Felicitazioni to all the family :+1:

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Welcome Aaron Emanuel!!!
Congrats to mum and dad.

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Welcome aboard to Aaron Emanuel :stuck_out_tongue:

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Congratulations @jgjimenezs!!!

Congratulations Jose ! and a very happy birthday to Emanuel :smile:

My baby

Thanks friends



Uhh really nice :v:
He’s the Sysadmin of the future! :smiley: do you have a NethServer shirt also for him?

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Soon my son will have his shirt NethServer Junior SysAdmin :sunglasses:


Woah! I want one like yours for my son :wink: