Member of the Month - June 2015

As I’m used This month I’m proud to appoint

Jose G Jimenez S ( @jgjimenezs )

as Member of the Month (MoM) - June 2015

Thanks to his huge work on community, helping people, translating a lot of Spanish stuff, installing NethServer everywhere, writing howtos and so on.

He’s our Translations Team Coordinator, Regular Member and new dad

Thanks Jose you’re making this community a better place, your name is already there:

Now as usual my Interview with @jgjimenezs

Ok, starting from the beginning. Who’s Jose?
I am from Venezuela, a child in the 90s delete Windows 1.1 to install Linux on a workstation with 2 MB RAM and 100 MB of hard disk. Since then I have dedicated myself to Operating Systems. I love to support my clients and resolve what others could not do.

How do you have bumped into NethServer and why this passion?
Seeking to improve data security of my clients, I found NethServer on Distrowatch and testing this Distro I felt in love from the first time

What do you think about NethServer Community? What could work better and what do you like more?
I haven’t seen such community support before, it’s really quick to respond to the questions and scenarios. A lot of improvements every day into the distro so you can work to improve it further. All distros have their bugs, but we’ll working together to solve them.

What I love about NethServer?

His method of installation and configuration, simplicity to manage modules but the best is the Community.

You’re Member of the June 06/2015, do you have any advice for new or regular member? Why someone should help NethServer Community? Where to start?

NethServer will be one of the best distros with the contribution of our knowledge, I recommend to read my howto and make improvements to NethServer. You can start to help now, it’s really easy!

You’re the Translations Team Coordinator, do you have any plan to help people to translate NethServer?
I’d like to make new howtos based on my work and answer questions about translations.

In the future, I want to improve each translation and bring them to perfection


It is a pleasure to be part of this great community. I am proud of the appointment and I’ll be here to support them.