Most Asked Questions about NethServer 8

This a document still in progress that contains the most asked questions about NethServer 8
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I could not find any OpenVPN application in NS8 Do I need to set it up differently?

Firewall functionalities have not been implemented into Nethserver 8.

These have been implemented in Nethsecurity

WHich is in beta here:NethSecurity Beta 1 is ready

NS8 and NethSecurity are 2 standalone products.
If you just need firewall features like OpenVPN, you just need NethSecurity.
You are going to need NS8 only if you plan to host applications like Nextcloud or the Mail server.

Is NethServer8 a direct replacement for the latest NethServer7?

Not at the moment but it will. Something is going to be included into NethServer and others in NethSecurity

  1. Gateway β†’ NethSecurity
  2. Firewall with Intrusion detecting and Packet Inspection β†’ NethSecurity
  3. Mail Server. :white_check_mark:
  4. Samba Server (File Server) :white_check_mark:
  5. Samba Domain Controller. :white_check_mark:
  6. VPN Server (Openvpn) (Authenticates against Samba DC) β†’ NethSecurity
  7. NextCloud Server (Authenticates against Samba DC) :white_check_mark:
  8. Web Proxy Server - > NethSecurity
  9. Webmail :white_check_mark:

Where is NS8 VM image download?

The image links are published here

NS8 updates will also take care of OS updates?

It’s up to the system administrator to choose how the operating system updates are applied.

Please, take a look to your distribution documentation:

OS scheduled updates can be manually configured as documented at the links cited by Marc. Automatic (scheduled) updates of NS8 core and apps are a part of Nethesis subscription/enterprise paid plans, like those for NS7.

How can I access the individual nodes via SSH?

Each node is based on a Linux distribution extended by Nethserver 8. Therefore, each node can be accessed with SSH, provided the SSH server has been installed. It is therefore recommended to select the installation of the SSH server when installing the basic distribution.


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