When the stable version of NS 8 will be released?


thanks for the clarification.

Can you say when the stable version of NS 8 will be released?

Thanks in advance…


Soon, very soon :slight_smile:


You know that “soon” is not an answer…


As always, when something’s cooking:

It’s ready when it’s ready!


My 2 cents

This is code, not cake. You can’t eat software :wink: and you can’t systemctl start a “soon”.
If the human beings will stop teasing… it would be a massive improvement for the planet.

… but code can barf…
(aka core dump)


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And people can start answering “we still don’t know”
Yes, less marketing-oriented expression.


Dear friends,

don’t get excited. I’m asking because I think I read somewhere that the stable version should be released before the end of 2023. And as everyone can see by looking at the calendar, that has been history for almost 41 days now. And since I’m now sitting here with my little Odroid and have noticed that many applications don’t run very smoothly on this hardware with Debian as a base, but they do with Rocky, but my AD runs on the NS 8 RC 1 with Deb12, I would now like to switch to Rocky. But only if I can be sure that when the stable version is released there won’t be too many changes that would require manual intervention.

Regards and a sunny weekend…


hello @transocean kindly follow up on this: Current iteration · NethServer 8 (github.com)

Will save you alot of headache

Are you running NS8 AD on your Odroid system(NEvr heard it before) is it not an ARM based App

No, no ARM. The Odroid H3+ has an Intel Pentium N6005 CPU

With Proxmox as a hypervisor, it really is a grab bag.

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It’s not correct because we know it :smiley:
Soon → Probably this week.




It’s fine not provide a date if you’re not confident enough to share it. Again: stop teasing.

Well I for one, don’t want you to rush it without the minimum functionality needed.
I expect to see smart host functionality at least in a beta before anticipating a release.
NethServer last time I checked was SBS.
SB needs smart host (when not using cloud).