How clone HDD for NethServer?

NethServer Version: 7.6.1810
Upgrade storage, the hardware way: after a little checkup on smartctl of the disk status I decided to change my hard drive (test installation, bare metal, no raid)
I have another “not new” SATA drive for put my dear Scapegoat. But i was not that lucky for clone hard drive.
I know: backup and restore could do the trick better, but a single-drive clone is quite faster and reduce the downtime.
So: what tool should i use for cloning drives? New drive is bigger than old one…

Well, mission accomplished.
Three tools used:

  • Clonezilla: after shutdown and connect the new disk, I boot from Clonezilla to clone the existing drive to the empty one
  • gParted: i shut down again the server, detached the old drive then booted a live distro with gParted, which allowed extension of XFS partition to fit size of the disk
  • Cockpit: from storage manager of cockpit, i was able to extend the size of LVM to fit XFS partition on live use of the server. Unfortunately, xfs do not allow shrinking :frowning:

As usual, there’s more way to do that.
So… ideas and experiences are welcome.